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Beste banen per branche

Tempo-Team heeft de vacatures overzichtelijk onderverdeeld naar branches.

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Accessing your digital pay slips


Step 1
Creating your Tempo-Team account

The moment you start working
for Tempo-Team you will receive
an e-mail with a link to activate
or create your account.

1. Select the link: ‘Activeer je account’ in this e-mail.
2. A new window will open. In this window, select the link ‘Nieuw account aanmaken’.
3. Fill in the requested information and select ‘Aanmaken’.
4. You will have created your Tempo-Team account.

Step 2
Accessing your pay slip

1. Open
2. Select in the top right hand corner 'Inloggen'.
3. In the next screen select ‘Inloggen’, right beneath ‘Ben je werknemer
    of werkzoekende?’.
4. In the next screen fill in your user name (likely your e-mail) and your password.
5. Select ‘Loonspecificatie’.
6. Select ‘Loonspecificaties’ and you will get an overview with the latest pay slips.
7. There’s also the possibility for saving or printing your pay slip.

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