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Chauffeur (Parttime)


  • Amsterdam
  • HelloFresh
  • 12 - 32 uur, 2 - 4 dagen per week
  • Basisonderwijs
  • 9,44 - 10,44 per uur

Summer is right around the corner and the sun is shining bright. Music on, sunglasses on and go! Sounds great right? Are you the enthusiastic driver that delivers the most tasty and healthy meal boxes in all of the Netherlands? If that sounds like you, then come and work at HelloFresh in Diemen!
Did you get enthusiastic and do you want to apply straight away? Look at the bottom of the page for my contact details and we can talk immediately.
What are you going to do?
On Saturday, Sunday and Monday you are going to walk into the depot of HelloFresh in Diemen whistling. Why? Because today you are going to make people smile by delivering their fresh meal boxes and you are really EXCITED! When you arrive at the depot you get a list of your rides for the day and you also get a navigation system. This is all set up for you so you do not have to think about the route. That sounds easy, right? The bus is already locked and loaded and for the next 8 hours, you will be delivering approximately 40/50 packages in Amsterdam and the rest of North-Holland. You are the business card of HelloFresh and you will be delivering the boxes with a smile every day. Why is this so important? Because you are the only contact the customer will be having with HelloFresh!
What do you get as a driver:

  • You can work 2/3 days a week for at least half a year;
  • You get paid weekly by Tempo-Team;
  • when you are 21 years or older you earn: 9,44
  • Your travel expenses will be compromised by €0,19 per kilometer;
  • You get the ability to grow (for example as team leader).

 Who are you as a driver?

  • You have your driver’s license B for at least 1 year and you have driving experience;
  • You can tell me what is important for HelloFresh and what they stand for;
  • You are available at least on Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

About HelloFresh
HelloFresh delivers fresh meal boxes to customers. The customers have created their own package through the website. Thereafter the driver delivers the package at the desirable moment of the customer at their doorstep. The receipts are assembled in a way that makes sure the customer does not have to go to the store to pick up products. The meals are also assembled so that they are always ready within 30 minutes. That is easy! No hassle at the supermarket and not having to think about what you are going to cook that day. Quality is the key thing. And this is also what you carry out as a driver. HelloFresh wants to give every household the opportunity to enjoy healthy, home-cooked meals, without preparation, without shopping and without any hassle.
Do you find it relaxing to be out on the road and do you have no problems with working in weekends and evenings? Do not hesitate and apply immediately as driver at HelloFresh in Diemen! Call me right away on 088-1269970 for more information or press the apply button and add your résumé to the data! Do you prefer sending a WhatsApp? That is possible on 06-83291432! You can also send an e-mail to ella.grapperhaus@tempo-team.nl.

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