Warehouse worker

18 years old ? € 10,13 per hour!

  • Eindhoven
  • 40 uur, 5 dagen per week
  • 10,13 per uur

Strong people wanted!
 Are you interested in logistics and looking for a full time job ?  If these questions apply to you then this vacancy at DPD in Oirschot ( near Eindhoven ) is the right one for you!

Do you want to contact us? You can find our Whatsapp number, telephone number and mail adress below!

What are you going to do
At DPD  there are thousands of packages being transported every day. You will make sure that all the packages are unloaded, sorted and loaded again at the right time. Together with your colleagues, you take responsibility in making sure that these orders are processed on time. You will be working in the following two shifts : 15.30-23.00 and  22.30-07.00.  

What you can expect from us:
• A salary of € 10,13 per hour , plus;
• 30% extra shift allowance if you work between 20:00 and 00:00 ( € 13,17 per hour)
• 45% extra shift allowance if you work between 00:00 and 06:00 ( € 14,68 per hour)
• 50% extra shift allowance if you happen to work on a Sunday ( € 14,91 per hour)
• We'll cover your travel expenses

Who you are
You enjoy the feeling of having worked out, which means that you profit twice from working at DPD. Not only do you enjoy working with your hands but you also enjoy having contact with your colleagues, there is room to have fun while you're working.

Your working environment at DPD
Working at DPD you will be in a professional and challenging environment. This means that sometimes you’ll have to work hard but that you’re also appreciated and rewarded for your work.

You can make contact with us on multiple ways..!
• Click on the button to apply!
• Call to 088-1269930 or Whatsapp us on 06-30820946
• Or mail your cv to werkeninbrabant@tempo-team.nl

Uiteraard staat deze vacature open voor zowel mannen als vrouwen.

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