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Fulltime warehouse employee

NSK Tilburg BV.

  • 32 - 40 uur, 4 - 5 dagen per week
  • 10,50 per uur

The wheels on the bus go round and round… Did you ever think about what kind of parts are necessary to make these wheels spin? You can find it out while working as a warehouse employee at NSK in Tilburg!  Did you know that you can work there fulltime in 2 shifts? That’s great, right?!
In the warehouse of NSK in Tilburg you can find all kind of bearings used in cars, fans, wash machines or like the big windmills which you can see very often here. Don’t forget that these are metal parts, so they can be really heavy! As a warehouse employee you will be responsible for helping with unloading the trucks,  collecting the orders,  preparing them for sending and loading the trucks. While working, you need to be quite focused on your job, because you don’t want to send the wrong product to the wrong customer. If you would have any questions, there are plenty of colleagues to ask for help, so don’t worry! Getting more and more interested to work here as warehouse employee? Great!
What will you get

  • Salary of €10,50 bruto per hour (21+).
  • Extra 30% when you’re working after 15:00h.
  • A job in 2 shifts: 6.00h – 14.30h & 14.30h – 23.00h.
  • Which means you get €13,65 bruto per hour in the evening shift!
  • You can get a training to learn to drive a reach- or combitruck (a type of forklift).
  • Work for a longer time.
  • A fulltime job!

Who you are

  •  You enjoy doing physical work.
  •  You’d love to work in a job where you can get some responsibilities.
  •  You want a job where you can work for 32 to 40 hours a week.
  •  You live in or around Tilburg.
  •  You have your own transport to get there!

NSK Group is a Japanese company which produces industrial machinery bearings, precision machinery and parts, and automotive bearings and components. It’s one of the biggest producers and distributors in the world and the biggest one in Japan. At this moment they are operating in more than 29 countries. That’s quite something, right? In NSK at Tilburg we only distribute these bearings and components!
Does it sound good to you? Would you be the perfect warehouse employee? Let us know!
Use the button to apply. Have some questions first? Mail us at recruitment.zuidwest@tempo-team.nl, call us at 076-5211818 or WhatsApp us on 06-12090946!
- Please note: We do not provide accommodation -

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