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Orderpicker in dayshifts

DSV Solutions Nederland B.V.

  • 32 - 40 uur, 4 - 5 dagen per week
  • 10,85 per uur

Do you have experience as an orderpicker and would you like to work in dayshift? Would you like to work in a great team and get a salary of €10,85 bruto each hour? We have a great job for you at DSV in Moerdijk!

What are you going to do?
Before your workday starts at DSV in Moerdijk, you will drink a cup of coffee (or something else of course) with your colleagues. You’re having a chat, tell them about your plans for the weekend and after that your workday will start. You are excited!
There is a big list of orders you have to collect today. Together with your LLOP (low level order picker) or MLOP (mid level order picker) you will cruise through the warehouse to collect all the orders. During your travel, your team leader ask you about your day. After you collect the orders, you will pack them. To protect the products during transport, you will stack the products and seal the pallet. The last thing to do is to make sure the pallets are ready for transport and you will bring them to the right location to load. At the end of the day you and your colleagues makes sure the warehouse is cleaned for a fresh start the next day. With a satisfied feeling you are going home. Tomorrow is a new day!

Who are you?
You have experience as an orderpicker. Because you can’t go to DSV in Moerdijk by public transport, it is important you have your own transport.

What’s in it for you?
To make a success of your logistic career, you can count as an orderpicker on:

  • A salary of €10,85 bruto each hour.
  • A job in day shift (07.00h - 16.00h).
  • Possibilities to work on other positions.
  • Career opportunities to grow.
  • Working at a international warehouse.
  • Travel allowance maximum of 60km.

How does your work environment looks like at DSV in Moerdijk?
As a orderpicker you will be part of a organisation with 450000 employees. Every day we are working from our officises and logistic warehouses spread over 80 countries to make sure the products will arrive well at the production lines, in the stores and at consumers around the world.
This makes DSV the fourth largest logistic company in the world.

Are you the orderpicker who would like to join our team at DSV in Moerdijk? We would like to get to know you better! Click on the apply button and we will contact you.
Do you have a question about this vacancy or do you want more information? You can call us on 076-5211818 or send an e-mail to recruitment.zuidwest@tempo-team.nl. You can also ask your question quickly and easily via WhatsApp. You can send a message to 06-12090946.

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