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Docdata Fulfilment
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32 uur per week


Working as an order picker and/or packer at Docdata in Waalwijk

In the big warehouse of Docdata in Waalwijk there is a great atmosphere on the work floor! Together with your co-workers you are working in a nice rhythm thanks to the pleasant background music. Because you have a feeling for order picking and packing you have a chance to get a permanent contract. There are also possibilities to train and develop yourself, for example you can get your EPT certificate.

You are a real go-getter when it comes to packing and/or order picking. That is why you want to do this for major clients like Bol.com and Bijenkorf. At Docdata in Waalwijk you can work either fulltime or part-time. For the full-timers, this job is perfect because you can work a lot of hours! From the part-timers we ask a minimal availability of 2 days. Do you also want to work in the weekends? Then you get an additional fee for the hours you work in the weekends.

Through the internet, a lot is ordered in the online webshops. You are the one that collects these orders in the warehouse. It is important to make sure everything is packed correctly to maintain the quality of the products. Because you and your colleagues make sure the working space is tidy and clean you are able to keep up a good working pace. Nothing lies in your way!

The job as order picker and/or packer comes with the following tasks and responsibilities:
-Order picking
-Labeling orders
-Getting orders ready to ship
-Packing orders
-Keeping your work area clean

You are someone with a `hands on¿ state of mind. Meaning you want to roll up your sleeves and get to work. Because of your flexible employability we can offer you a lot of hours. You find it important to work in a pleasant atmosphere with nice colleagues. By your careful nature, safety and quality is are a standard. You enjoy being physically active and that is why your are always fit.

Also good to have:
-Pro-active attitude
-Will to learn
-Flexible work attitude

This is what you get from us:
-Part-time or fulltime work
-Gross salary of €8,87 per hour
-Travelling expenses
-Punctual salary payment
-Possibility for a permanent contract
-Opportunity to get your EPT certificate

Your working environment at Docdata in Waalwijk
Because of the different cultures at Docdata, everyone feels at home. It is a big and well organized warehouse with a great diversity of products. From books to televisions and much more. Your contact persons from Tempo-Team are daily present at Docdata to give you the guidance you need. During working hours you can enjoy the radio.

Got enthusiastic? Call 088-1269930

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