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40 uur per week


Provides engineering support to those plant issues that are impacting production over a short period of time. In this role the engineer provides technical expertise which may be equipment based or repair technique based which impacts the availability and maintainability of the facility.


-Serves as a subject matter expert in equipment failures and repair techniques during root cause investigations
-Provides technical expertise to plant personnel on troubleshooting failures, repairs, and evaluating whether equipment is designed to meet its intended or existing service conditions.
-For equipment that is critical for the process ensures that work requests include engineering input on repair details such as clearances, tolerances, materials of construction, welding procedures, etc. and if necessary provide onsite/offsite technical support for deviations from this data.
-Ensures repairs, repair techniques, equipment specific training, are documented and made available
-Provides maintainability input to GPM activities.
-Support the PPM coordinator as required in reviewing spare parts list for existing equipment.
-Develops maintenance operating discipline
-Enters QSPP information into the reporting system.
-Participates in developing the maintenance budget to support the maintenance strategy.
-As required, provides engineering input to work packages to ensure standards are followed.
-During development of turnaround work provides input on development of work orders particularly on critical equipment requiring engineering review or input.
-Provide equipment reliability and performance data to the technical resource networks for input into equipment purchasing requirements, evaluation of equipment performance, vendor performance, and modifications to MET level 1.
-Supports Maintenance Procedure Use Policy:
* Performs technical reviews of procedures
* Serves as a technical resource during procedure creation and review.
* Supports development of the ¿Procedure Exemption List¿
* Creates/develops/changes/updates job procedures and checklists, and initiates procedure MOC¿s.

The Maintenance Engineer will check that all Maintenance Procedures include a hazard assessment (called the PIA) Process Implementation Analysis:
* Indicating safety, health and environmental considerations and control measures to prevent contact or exposure.
* This information can be documented in the hazards and precautions table, the control measures block, or can be referenced in other documentation such as the EMETL standard, PPE Grid, MSDS or equivalent.

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