Warehouse worker Fulltime

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CB Fashion B.V.
aantal uur
40 uur per week


Why should you choose for a fulltime job as warehouseworker? Because you love clothing and everything about it, working in a warehouse is your passion and you're looking for something to build a future. Working in the evenings is not a problem for you, heavy work saves you a trip to the gym, you know how it is to work hard!

If you can make the norm at CB Fashion and do your best? Then you can work here for a longer period of time!

This is why you make the difference at CB Fashion;
You're ambitious, fast and accurate. With this qualities you can make it at CB Fashion! Picking orders, labelling, stickering and loading/unloading every now and then is fine with you! Because you're flexible and don't have a problem with working in the afternoon/evening, you can work here fulltime!

Because of your enthusiasm you can easily learn this tasks:
- Working with a norm
- Processing orders
- Orderpicking with handscanners
- Making products ready for transport
- Loading and unloading goods
- Help with providing for a good working atmosphere

This is why you work at CB Fashion:
You're someone who works hard, it is important for you to receive the norm and you want to work in a company with abitious employees. CB Fashion is a big logistic company who is specialised in clothing, they work for brands like WE, Scapino and Suit Supply. Besides these brands the atmosphere within the company is amazing, every now and then they also do things together!

What you see is what you get;
- Bruto salary if €9,01 excl. allowence for 23 years and older
- Working between 13:30 and 23:30
- Working in the afternoon/evenings
- Standard allowence from 19:00 and in the weekends
- A job for a longer period of time
- Providing yourself automaticly with paid holiday hours
- Space to grow
- Working in a good environment

Within Tempo - Team we have a project called "Good Habitz", with this program you have the possibility, when you work for us, to follow certain courses and receive certain certificates!

Does this sound as a good job for you? Apply directly and maybe we'll see you working at CB Fashion soon!

Uiteraard staat deze vacature open voor zowel mannen als vrouwen.