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Giant Europe Manufacturing
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Assembly worker at Giant

Working at Giant is not only being responsible for assembling several parts of the bike, it is a way of living. You, as an assembly worker at Giant, are responsible for the manufacturing of a highly qualified bike, which will travel throughout the world. Different consumers, such as sportsmen from all over the world will ride on one of the bikes which are manufactured in Lelystad. We can make this possible, due to all the employees working at Giant with their effortless input and motivation. Giant stands for integrity, passion, partnership and challenge. If you recognize yourself in these values, please keep on reading.

Job description
As an assembly worker you are responsible for assembling different types of bikes, which cost between €800 to €8000 per bike. The assembling includes for example adjusting gears, cutting cables, fork prepare and assembling crank sets. Even though you are assembling only a part of the bike, you, as an employee of Giant, are as well as responsible for the end product as any of your colleagues. Each bike that leaves the assembly line has to be in perfect shape and meets all the required quality norms. If you notice a default on the bike you have to report this immediately to your leader. Only than we can guarantee the quality that we promise to our consumers. The production area of Giant is clean and tidy and together with your colleagues you are responsible to keep it this way.

You are someone that loves to work with your hands and like to repair bikes, motors or cars in your own time. You have technical knowledge and are able to work accurately. In addition you are physically in good shape as working in Giant includes standing along the assembly line, walking through the factory and lifting bikes into boxes. Going to the gym won¿t be necessarily anymore, working at Giant will be your daily workout.

Besides the profile above, we are looking for someone that:
-Has a great sense of responsibility;
-Loves to learn, develop and perform different kind of skills;
-Is flexible; you want to work from Monday till Saturday, including evenings;
-Speaks, understands and is able to write English.

Job offer
As soon as you start working for Giant you will be welcomed by one of the members of the account group of Tempo-Team and you will get a tour within the factory. If you start working at Giant, we can offer you:.
-Salary 23 years and older; € 10,74 gross an hour;
-A fulltime job with overtime;
-Weekly payment of your salary;
-Free coffee, tea and fruit;
-Free hot meal during overtime;
-Short lines of communication and good leadership;
-Working in 1 shift: 07:30-16:30

Excited? We are more than happy to get to know you! Apply today and we will contact you as soon as possible.

We hope to hear from you soon!

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