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Technical warehouse employee

  • Tilburg
  • Syncreon
  • 30 - 40 uur, 4 - 5 dagen per week
  • 10,38 per uur

Working as a technical warehouse employee in a clean place was something that you always wanted? A job with a steady two shift pattern and guaranteed hours. Where you get €10,38 gross per hour and a shift allowance of 8,75%. Is that what you want? Great! Maybe this is the job for you at Syncreon in Tilburg!

what we offer

Salary of €10,38 gross per hour.

Shift allowances of 8,75% for each hour.

Work in a clean environment.

Guaranteed 30 hours per week.

Possibility to get a permanent contract.

Working for a well known company.

who you are

You will be the perfect technical warehouse employee if your English is really good. It’s because of all the systems with which you will be working. They’re all English! Except that it’s important that:

  • You can provide a VOG (certificate that you don’t have any criminal records).
  • You have experience with computers and technical insight.
  • You got your own transport to get to work.

what will you do

Maybe you think that all warehouse jobs are the same. Well, this one isn’t! As a technical warehouse employee you’re responsible for changing and updating the software of the products. That’s all? No, there are some more activities! You can also do a bit more complex products. Like computers with extra secure software or even engraving the logos. But what does it look like? Actually, it’s quite simple thanks to the training process by Syncreon. But it's still a bit more difficult when you’re working with all kinds of laptops, desktops and cables. Everything unpacked and checked? Then it’s time for the more technical part. You will be checking the software with a special system using the laptop. Other activity? Sure! As an operator of an engraving machine. Making customized inscriptions on all kinds of products. That’s something completely different, right?

where will you work

Let me tell you something more about the company. Syncreon is originally an Irish company which has grown globally to over 100 locations. And they are still growing! The location in Tilburg is in the top 6 of the world suppliers for one of the biggest computer brands. That’s cool, right? What’s making this company different from the rest? The open door policy! The what? Well, if you’re looking for your supervisor you don’t need to look too far. You can always find someone directly on the work floor. So your question is answered in no time!
Do you need more reasons to start there as a technical warehouse employee? There you go! Syncreon is organizing a different event every month. Food truck during the break, ice cream or a contest for the best face mask. They are always listening and are open to new ideas on how to make stuff better. Simply, a great place to work!


Still interested in the job as a technical warehouse employee? Perfect! Apply now! We will contact you within one work day. Some questions first? You can always call, mail or app us!


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