Production employee

  • Medemblik
  • Pall Medistad B.V.
  • 33 - 40 uur, 5 dagen per week
  • 12,88 - 16,23 per uur

Do you want to earn € 16,23 per hour? Work full-time in the medical world as a production employee? AND do you want to work for a longer period of time and have a chance at a permanent contract? Who would not want that?! Apply now for and come work as a production employee at Pall Medistad in Medemblik!

what we offer

Earn € 16,23 per hour with allowances!!

Salary of € 12,88 gross per hour from 18 years

A chance at a permanent contract after ± 6 months!

Travel allowance up to € 19 a day

A long weekend of 4 days!

You will get paid during the breaks!

who you are

As a production employee you will assemble medical products using a technical manual. Therefore, you are someone who likes to work with his hands and is precise. You are also:

  • Available every day of the week because of the 5-shift schedule, including the weekends
  • Available for all shifts: 06:00-14:00 en 14:00-22:00 en 22:00-06:00
  • In possession of your own vehicle due to the working hours
  • And you must have your own housing

what will you do

As a production employee you will contribute to the medical world! Pall Medistad makes products such as infusion bags, tube feeding bags and blood bags. Very important work! Of course you will not do this on your own, but together with nice colleagues! With the help of a manual you know exactly which small parts must be put together. The work is carried out standing and you are working with your hands all day long. The work at Pall Medistad takes place in a cleanroom and is therefore super hygienic! That's why you also work in protective clothing, so that the products arrive clean at our customers!

where will you work

Pall Medistad is an important player in the medical world. Their products are used in hospitals or for the development of vaccinations or medicines. As part of Pall Medistad you will contribute to a better world! Who would not want that?! Of course you will be rewarded for this! You will receive a salary of € 16,23 per hour. That doesn't sound wrong, right?! In addition, you also have a chance at a permanent contract, so you can be taken over by Pall Medistad within a year! Furthermore, your development will not be forgotten. There are plenty of career opportunities within the company! As a production employee you will work in shifts. Therefore, it is important that you are in possession of your own transport. Because of the shifts you will always know what your schedule will look like 10 weeks in advance, so you can plan your free time!


Do you want to contribute as a production employee? Apply now! Before you know it, we will speak with each other on the phone. So keep your phone close. Do you have questions? No problem! You can send an email to or call 088 126 99 35. See you soon!


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Questions about this vacancy? Don't hesitate to ask me!

Jade van den Brink