• Arnhem
  • AH Online
  • 16 - 32 uur, 2 - 5 dagen per week
  • Basisonderwijs
  • 13,46 - 14,09 per uur

Delivering groceries with an awesome salary of €13.46 per hour? Making people happy with their groceries all day long? On the road with some nice music on? Yes! This is possible as a courier at Albert Heijn e-commerce in Oosterhout!

what we offer

A salary of €13.46 per hour! (21+)

After 13 weeks an hourly wage of €14.09!

A job for a longer period of time.

Growth opportunities!

Lots of happy customers!

who you are

As a delivery person you are super enthusiastic and customer-oriented. Only the nicest couriers work at Albert Heijn of course! :)

  • You have your driving license B for at least 6 months
  • You are available for work for at least six months
  • You are physically fit. Those crates of beer don't lift themselves to the 3rd floor.

what will you do

Delivering groceries of course! Have you seen them? Those nice box trucks with the Albert Heijn logo on them. That will be your new workplace! All day long you will drive around to make a lot of people happy with their groceries. You deliver to the front door, so be prepared for a lot of climbing stairs and lifting! Earn money and build muscle at the same time. Ideal right?! As a courier it's not just delivering groceries of course! Processing the return goods and paying is also part of your job. All in all, be prepared for a lot of happy people at the door. They have been waiting patiently for you so they can start having dinner. And you can continue to put a smile on the face of the next customer! :)

  • Work independently
  • Being on the road
  • Delivering groceries till the front door

where will you work

Albert Heijn! There are at least a few in every town and city. With this job as a courier you don't just work in an Albert Heijn, but for Albert Heijn e-commerce! Together with your colleagues, you deliver groceries throughout the Netherlands. And you especially in Arnhem, Nijmegen and surroundings of course. Wonderful, the freedom on the road. Working independently. Listen to the music you want to listen to on the go. Look, that's the good thing about Albert Heijn!

  • Looks good on your resume!
  • Reliable employer


Convinced?! Great, apply quickly for the job as a courier at Albert Heijn e-commerce! We will contact you as soon as possible. Any questions? No problem! Mail, call or app us. Hopefully see you soon!


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