• Schiphol
  • DHL Express Schiphol
  • 30 uur, 5 dagen per week
  • Basisonderwijs
  • 12,28 per uur

Do you like driving a lot? And want to make people happy with their packages? On top of that a salary of €12,28 per hour? Come work as a courier at DHL Express!

A great extra! after 4 weeks of working you receive €250, after 8 weeks another €250 and after 12 weeks €500.That means a big bonus of €1000 in the first 3 months!

what we offer

A salary of €12,28 per hour!

Receive a bonus of €1000 within 3 months!

Shift allowances up to 25% in the eveninghours!

Nice activities with your co-workers.

Chance to grow further in the company.

A job for a longer period of time!

who you are

Next to having your driver’s license B, it’s important that you are:

  • Available for at least a year.
  • Able to get a VOG.
  • Very good at English, so you can talk to the customers!

what will you do

As a courier at DHL Express your job is to make people happy with their packages. In the DHL bus you deliver al the deliveries on time. You know how to avoid the traffic jam and how to get to the addresses the fastest. At the door you make sure you are offering that little bit of extra service, talk with the customers and sometimes help them fill in a form.
Your day begins with sorting the packages and load your bus. So at the beginning of your day you will see your colleagues. After that you will deliver the packages by yourself. Put on your own music and you can go!

where will you work

When you start working as a deliverer at DHL Express I can guarantee you a nice job!
You will work for an international company that has a lot to offer. DHL finds it important that you have the possibility to grow. Interested in growing further in the company? Maybe be the next supervisor? That’s possible!
All the hard work also gets paid! Regularly they organize cool activities for the employees. For example a FIFA-challenge or order a lot of food together! Sounds good right?


Are you excited to work as a courier? Apply for the job now! Do you have any questions? Call us at 088-1269970 or email to Talk to you soon!


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