• Zevenbergen
  • € 12,00 - 12,50 per uur
  • 24 - 40 uur, 5 dagen per week

If you want to work in day shifts, this is your shot! This company in Zevenbergen is hiring, and you want to be part of it! Do you want to know why? Read along and find out:

what we offer

Great salary, starting from € 11,50

Travel expenses and education possibilities

Possibility to work part-time or full-time

A great team of colleagues to help you get along

€ 20,- giftcard from bol.com if you bring a friend

Guaranteed working hours, how nice!!

who you are

As a warehouse employee it's important to be flexible, but you allready knew this right?! Of course it's also important that you:

  • Want to get to know the logistics
  • Can speak English or Dutch fluently
  • Have your own car, you need to get there of course ;-)

what will you do

If you start working here, you won't get bored. I promise!
As a warehouse employee, you'll make sure that the right orders are ready to go to the customer. Say hello to your new best buddy: the scanner. Last minute order? No problem! You make sure the client is happy.

where will you work

You'll be working in a big warehouse full of equipment they use during a construction. Sounds heavy, I know. But did you think about the tiny screws? Each one is different, so you have to make sure you'll pick the right one! There's much more to tell about the company, so give me a call when you're interested.


There's one last thing to do: Apply! Do you have any questions left? Don't hesitate to give me a call: 0168-335010

Vragen of hulp nodig?

Don't hesitate to ask me anything!

Vera & Milou