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Delivery driver HelloFresh

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  • € 10,50 - 12,00 per uur
  • 24 - 32 uur, 3 - 4 dagen per week
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Are you looking for a flexible job as a delivery driver? Do you like working by yourself, but also have client interaction? Make people happy by delivering meal boxes for HelloFresh and apply today!

what we offer

Salary will be growing with you!

Get discount on your own HelloFresh meal boxes!

You deserve fixed hours after one year with us!

Get a work schedule based on your own availability

Develop yourself within the company

Weekend, parttime or fulltime: your choice!

who you are

As a delivery driver for HelloFresh, you are the face of the meal boxes! You deliver the boxes (and your smile) to the front door of the customers. It is important to do this on time, within a certain time slot. This is when the customer expects you to arrive, so make sure you do not get to work late!
You will start your day with your colleagues and will be working by yourself afterwards. You are responsible and have really good social skills.

You would like to work weekends or on working days. You can pick which days, we do not mind! Would you like to work mornings or afternoond? Just let us know!

Then the following:

  • You have had your drivers license for a minimum of 1 year
  • Available for at least two days per week
  • You are able to work in The Netherlands and have a residence here

what will you do

As a delivery driver for HelloFresh, you will be driving in the area of Amsterdam. You get started at the HUB and make sure all the meal boxes are in your van. Once this is done, you can turn your music on and start your tour! You make sure all the boxes get delivered and you also know what to do, when a customer is not home. Are you really unsure about something? Just call your colleagues at the HUB, they will help you out! Well, that's about it... all boxes delivered! You take your van back to HelloFresh. It is time to go home!

where will you work

What's next? Moneyyyy! When you start to work as a delivery driver, you will be getting €10,50 per hour. Your salary will be going up to €12,- within your first year. The first raise is after 12 weeks of working! We will be explaining how this works, when we get to know each other!

Every week you will be letting us know when you are available. Like we have said before, you can pick your own days and working hours. We make sure we tell HelloFresh and they make the schedule. You will get told 1-2 days in advance, whether they need you. HelloFresh is closed every Friday. You can choose shifts in the morning or afternoon (if you do not have a preference, HelloFresh will decide). Morning shifts start between 5:00-7:00 and finish early afternoon. The afternoon shift will start between 12:00-17:00 and finish at 23:00 latest. We can tell you about all this later on!

Then, we will be offering you the following:

  • Possibilities to develop within the company (did you know the HUB manager started as a delivery driver?)
  • Holiday pay in May of 8,33 %
  • If you work fulltime, you will be getting 25 holidays;
  • Travel allowance of €0,23 per kilometer (max 18 times per month)
  • You can work for HelloFresh for a very long time :)
  • Your availability schedule, payslips and holidays are all visible in the Tempo-Team app!
  • After 8 working weeks (you are min 21 years old), you start building up pension!
  • We offer a lot of (free) training courses you can follow. You can keep developing and learning if you want to!


Do you see yourself delivering meal boxes for HelloFresh? Want to start working very soon? Apply now! If you have any more questions about this job: let us know via planningregioalphen@tempo-team.nl

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