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Expat/International student Logistics Employee

  • Amsterdam
  • € 13,00 - 13,45 per uur
  • 12 - 16 uur, 2 - 3 dagen per week
  • Royal FloraHolland

As the world grows, the distances are getting smaller. Are you an expat or student? Then Royal FloraHolland is the right place for you. The company is located in Aalsmeer. Here we ensure that you can work 12 to 16 hours a week and we arrange your work permit. Serious?! 100%. We believe in international success, where everyone is welcome.

Royal FloraHolland makes it easy for everyone. Here you will work from 06:00 to 11:00. Of course, this makes it the perfect side job next to your studies!

what we offer

A salary of €13,00 per hour

Fun activities with colleagues

Travel allowance

12 to 16 hours per week garanteed

Career opportunities and online training

€ 13,45 an hour after 6 months

who you are

As a expat/international student logistics employee at Royal FloraHolland you are available at least on Mondays and/or Fridays. In addition:

  • You can be present in Aalsmeer at 06:00.
  • Lifting flowers boxes is not a problem!
  • At least 1,60 tall.

what will you do

At Royal Floraholland in Aalsmeer, the flowers are auctioned early in the morning. As an expat/international student logistics employee, you will ensure that the flowers reach the right customer. How do you do that? With the help of a scanner you will be told exactly which cart of flowers you have to sort. For example, you can drive the trolley through the warehouse and prepare the customer's orders in no time. When sorting you will have to use your muscles. You are lifting the flower boxes and they easily weigh 5/10 kg each. Now that's a good morning workout and you get good paid for it! The flower process starts early in the morning. As a international logistics employee, you start at 06:00 and are done at 11:00/11:30. Sounds perfect right?!

where will you work

As a logistics employee at Royal Floraholland, you are the international link between the customer and the flowers. Together with your colleagues, you will ensure that the ordered flowers reach the customer on time. If you start as an expat/international student, you will earn € 13,00 per hour! In your first workday you first end up in an induction team. This way you will be introduced to the beautiful FloraHolland warehouse. At Royal Floraholland, work is done from Monday to Friday from 06:00 am to 11:00 am/11:30 am. On busy days, work may continue until 12:00 am. Nice to work in the morning and have enough free time in the afternoon!

  • Orderpicking
  • Sorting
  • Dividing

Tour the workfloor

With the tour you'll take a look at your new employer


Excited yet? Are you ready to take on this challenge as an international student logistics employee at Royal FloraHolland? You can start working very soon & we fix all your documents! Click on the apply button, and you will be in touch with me within one day.

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