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Production Employee

  • Rotterdam
  • € 10,95 - 15,00 per uur
  • 32 - 40 uur, 4 - 5 dagen per week
  • Borgesius Rotterdam BV

Yess that's right. This awesome vacancy in Rotterdam is open again! :) Getting a big smile on your face from fresh baked goods? Wanting a salary in the night of €15 including the shift work allowance? Then go on, read this awesome vacancy and apply for this production employee job at Borgesius!

what we offer

A salary of €10,95 bruto per hour. (from 21+)

Shift allowance in the evening and night (34%-37%)

Travel costs after 10 kilometer.

A nice discount on bread, yumm!

Get paid weekly.

A job really close to the Rotterdam city center.

who you are

When you are going to work as a production employee at Borgesius it’s important that you:

  • Have at least 6 months recent experience as an production employee, where you did physically heavy work. Are available for at least 4 days a week in 3-shifts (07:00 till 15:00/15:30 hour,
  • 15:00 till 23:00/24:00 hour, 23:00 till 07:00/07:30 hour)
  • Have your own car to go to work. Unfortunately public transport isn't an option.

what will you do

Are you getting excited from fresh baked bread? Then this job as a production employee at Borgesius is the place to be for you! You will work with bread all day. Think of white bread, brown bread or even tigerbread. After the bread has been baked and cooled down, it’s getting packaged by a machine. That's where you come in! The bread is being transported over a belt to you, and you have to put the bread in crates. Those crates need to be stacked up and can be very heavy! After the crates are full, they will be picked up by colleagues who are getting them ready for transportation to the supermarkets.

where will you work

As a production employee you are going to work at Borgesius in Rotterdam. At Borgesius they produce bread voor big supermarkets like Albert Heijn, Plus en Coöp. There’s a good vibe at the workplace and there’s always a nice radio tune coming through the speakers. A fun little extra: you can buy a sheet with 40 stickers at the reception for €14. Each day you can take 2 breads, put a sticker on it and take it home. This way a fresh baked bread will cost you only €0,35! :D


Ready for your new job as a production employee at Borgesius Rotterdam? Apply quickly through our website on the vacancy. Any questions? Call, email or app us. See you soon!

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