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Warehouse employee

  • Zwolle
  • € 10,63 per uur
  • 24 - 40 uur, 3 - 5 dagen per week
  • Nederlandse Drogisterij Service

Warehouse employees at the ready! Check out this awesome job at NDS now. If you want to work in an active job where stability and development are at the core of the company apply now! Full = full.

what we offer

A salary of €10,63 per hour at 22+

Picking orders and getting fit at the same time!

A nice job for a longer period of time

Travel allowance of € 0,19 cent per KM

Fulltime or parttime? No problem!

A cozy BBQ on a nice summer day!

who you are

As a warehouse employee you understand either English or Dutch in relation to the health and safety regulations, furthermore you are:

  • Available on monday's.
  • Available to start right away.
  • Work as fast as Usain Bolt in a 100 meter sprint.

what will you do

Collect orders of course! And as a warehouse employee you'll be doing this the old fashioned way, on foot. Sorry, we can't make it any more glamorous than that. While walking around the warehouse you'll be collecting all kinds of beauty and health products to complete orders for the large pharmacies of DA and DIO. You will be working with a pick to light system which means that you are going to follow a spotlight around the warehouse which lights up the right products for you to collect. Easy right? You'll be in the spotlights all day so to speak! And as a warehouse employee you will work from monday till friday .Working hours at NDS are from 08:30 till 18:00.

where will you work

At NDS of course, but what is NDS? NDS is a large-scale warehouse for some of the main pharmacies in the Netherlands, mainly DA and DIO. As a warehouse employee you are working with all the different beauty and care products of these two large brands. This makes for a very cleanly smelling warehouse! Furthermore, at the warehouse the working conditions and general feel are up to par. All your colleagues are always ready to help you when needed and during breaks you all have a nice cup of warm coffee together, your day will be over before you know it!


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