Terug naar zoekresultaten Courier at BCC - after trial period a contract with BCC or Tempo-Team

Courier at BCC - after trial period a contract with BCC or Tempo-Team

  • Schiphol-Rijk
  • € 13,01 per uur
  • 40 uur, 5 dagen per week
  • BCC Bezorging

Hey! Looking for a job where you can make people happy with their products such as washing machines or fridges? And also get €13,01 per hour for this? Which means €2.255 per month when you work fulltime? Come work as a courier at BCC Schiphol!

- When you pass the 'lifting the washing machine' test you get €25. Always good!
- After you've worked 164 hours, you receive another €250, nice!
- Every month you get a chance to receive a bonus when you score a customer review above 9!
- Do you know a new colleague for BCC? You get another €350!

what we offer

A salary of €13,01 per hour!

After working 164 hours you get a bonus €250!

8,3% Holidaymoney

A chance to grow further in the company!

A parttime or fulltime job as a courier!

Within short time a contract with BCC or TempoTeam

who you are

As a courier at BCC it's important that you:

  • Can handle a physically hard job. You're going to lift a lot of washing machines!
  • have a drivers' license B.
  • Are able to work from 7:00 AM till 13:00 PM.

what will you do

As a courier at BCC you are going to make customers happy with their new washing machine or fridge. A little muscle will be helpful with this! But that means that you can skip the gym, WIN-WIN!
You start your day at the distributioncentre at Schiphol-Rijk. They will tell you who your colleague will be for the day and you're ready to go! Your favorite music on and the day begun!

where will you work

At BCC you can gain a lot of experience! You will work together with a co-driver and get to know new people on the job! At BCC they have a lot opportunities to grow further in the company and after 4 months you can get a contract with BCC, if you do your job well of course :)! That sounds good right!
The schedule is flexible. You want to do this job next to your study or another job? That's possible! But it's also possible to work here fulltime, enough choice!

Tour the workfloor

With the tour you'll take a look at your new employer


Can't wait to start as a courier? Apply for the job and we will call you ASAP! Any questions?You can send us an email to recruitment.aho@tempo-team.nl or call to 088-1269970.

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