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Warehouse employee parttime - morning shift.

  • Bleiswijk
  • € 11,50 per uur
  • 8 - 16 uur, 1 - 2 dagen per week
  • Lemkes Logistics B.V.

Yes!!! Always wanted to work a few days a week? And earn a super nice salary of € 11.50 per hour! Who would not want that?! Do you also like to work among the plants and nice colleagues? Then this is THE JOB for you! At Royal Lemkes you work with all kinds of houseplants, you also work on Tuesdays and Wednesdays and you have a chance to win a permanent contract! Nice huh!? This is your chance, apply now as a warehouse employee parttime at Royal Lemkes in Bleiswijk!

what we offer

A great salary of € 11.50 per hour!

A parttime job! Tuesdays & Wednesday

A very nice team and a good working atmosphere

Free plants every now and then! 🌵

You can determine your starting time yourself!

A top employer for every employee

who you are

As a warehouse employee, you enjoy working among the plants. In addition to working parttime:

  • Choose your own start time, you can start at 06:00 / 07:00 or 08:00 and then work until the end of shift (mostly between 14:00 - 16:00).
  • At Royal Lemkes you will cash out with a salary of €11.50 per hour (21+)🤑💸
  • Available on Tuesday and Wednesday.
  • You are not afraid of hard physical work.
  • You live in the area of Bleiswijk - We don't provide housing or sponsor ships.

what will you do

As a warehouse employee, you and your colleagues are responsible for distributing the different plants. With the help of a hand scanner you distribute the right plants over the right carts! You can think of Monsteras, Dieffenbachias or Harlequin roses. Just kidding! Of course you don't have to know everything about it 😛. Of course you also have a whole club of cool colleagues to work with! You really do it together and everyone helps. Even the director is occasionally on the floor too! That's beautiful, isn't it?!

  • Distributor: distribute the different houseplants to different carts with the help of a hand scanner.
  • Builder: building up metal bars on which the plants will be distributed.
  • Shipper: Loading the bars with plants and flowers into the trucks.

where will you work

Royal Lemkes is one of the top best company's in the Netherlands! Here you will work in a super close and diverse team. The atmosphere is also informal and everyone is appreciated. Regardless of your background or position! As a parttime warehouse employee, you still have a chance to win a permanent contract! As top on the iceberg, you sometimes get plants to take home!! Wooooohoo! 💐

  • Top employer
  • Informal and close-knit team
  • Every now and then a plant to take home


Also excited to start working parttime at Royal Lemkes? Then don't wait any longer and apply now for the position of warehouse employee! Do you have any questions? No problem! You can send an email to Noordwest.recruitment@tempo-team.nl or call 088-126 9935. See you soon!

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