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Production employee Parttime English Giant

  • Lelystad
  • € 13,73 per uur
  • 24 - 32 uur, 3 - 4 dagen per week
  • Giant Europe Manufacturing

The Netherlands. The country where EVERYONE has a bicycle! How awesome is it if YOU can make these! This way you're not only doing your bit for all Dutch people, but also for nature! Because cycling is of course super environmentally approving! How nice!! Also, you earn a nice salary of € 13.73 per hour here! I say don't wait any longer, and come work as a production employee at Giant!

PS It is necessary that you live in the Netherlands, nearby Lelystad.

what we offer

A nice salary of € 13,73 per hour!!

Every quarter (3 months) chance on a great bonus!!

Travel allowance! Yes!

Working in the afternoon: Meal? Check! Settled!

Working in a super great team! #nice!

A job for a longer period of time!

who you are

As a production employee you are our superstar! Also you are:

  • Handy with your hands! After all, you are going to make bicycles! (I'm just secretly jealous..);
  • At least 3 days available, and Wednesdays are mandatory;
  • In command of a good English language. ;-)

what will you do

On a summer day you walk through the city. There you see someone riding a Giant bicycle.. Bicycle.. Giant.. Wait a minute! You make those!! How cool?! As a production employee you will work in a super nice team of all kinds of colleagues! Everyone has their own task. John puts the wheels of the bicycle in. Marco the steering wheel, and you put the bell on it as a finishing touch! Just kidding, ;)! That's how you make a beautiful bike!

  • Attaching parts to the bicycle
  • Nice to work at a pace! And sing along to the music of course! Yes!

where will you work

At Giant you will work as a production employee in a beautiful, large production hall. Here you work together with many great colleagues. (lucky you!) There is also a beautiful canteen where you can enjoy your break.
At Giant, you can specify your preference for the services per week! Nice!
You get a fixed schedule here, and you usually work the same hours. #nice! So you can decide for yourself when you are free!

  • Morning shift: 06:00 - 14:30 (Saturday 07:30 - 11:45)
  • Day shift: 06:00 - 16:10 (Saturday 07:30 - 11:45)
  • Evening shift: 15:00 - 23:00 (Saturday 12:15 - 16:30)


Hey new bike mechanic! Will you join our cool team at Giant as a production employee? Here you have your answer: YES! Apply quickly, and I will contact you within 2 days. Still have questions? Please email us at: noordwest.recruitment@tempo-team.nl

Talk to you soon!

Vragen of hulp nodig?

Questions about the vacancy? Please let me know! I am available by Whatsapp, phone and email.

Isabel van der Linden