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Orderpicker (English) Bijenkorf

  • Tilburg
  • € 11,36 - 17,04 per uur
  • 40 uur, 5 dagen per week
  • CEVA Tilburg (Bijenkorf)

A nice job as an orderpicker where you can choose in which shift you’re working? With a salary of €11,36 gross per hour? And shift allowances which can lift your salary even to €17,04! That’s possible at CEVA Bijenkorf in Tilburg!

what we offer

Hourly pay: €11,36 from 21 years and older

Shift allowances: 10, 20 and 50%

Fulltime job

Working the day of evening shift, your choice!

Career opportunities

Chances for a permanent contract

who you are

If you want to start working as an orderpicker it’s important that you are available fulltime. It would be handy if you:

  • Speak English of Dutch
  • Have your own transport to get to work.

what will you do

Well, as an orderpicker you’re responsible for (drum rolls, wait for it….) collecting the orders! You didn’t expect it, right? For sure you did. The orderpicking job is also making people happy. You’re also quite glad that you received the correct product when you ordered something online. By Bijenkorf you’re collecting the orders with a scanner. So, first of all you’re taking your picking car and your scanner and going to the location. You need to take sometimes really light products like a shirt or pants. The other time it will be a new coffee machine. When you’re done with your order you can put it on the band and it will go to the next department. Sounds quite easy, right?

where will you work

There’s a very international work vibe at CEVA Bijenkorf. Here you will meet people from all over the world and maybe learn to say ‘hello’ in a lot of different languages! Everyone enjoys working here, so you will make the best friends in no time! Also in the breakroom you will always meet different colleagues to chat with. The warehouse is fully equipped to make sure everyone gets their packages on time. The warehouse is big and very modern, so you will enjoy yourself working as an orderpicker here very quickly!


You see yourself working as an orderpicker? Apply now and we will call you within one workday to talk about it! You have some questions before? You can always call and app us on 076-5211818 or mail to recruitment.zuidwest@tempo-team.nl. Hear you soon!

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