Terug naar zoekresultaten Meet & Greet Royal FloraHolland 28th of March

Meet & Greet Royal FloraHolland 28th of March

  • Aalsmeer
  • € 14,93 per uur
  • 8 - 28 uur, 2 - 5 dagen per week
  • Royal FloraHolland

It's almost summer!!! And...this is your time to make real #MONEY! Are you looking for something flexible where you can earn good money? At Royal FloraHolland we have the perfect work and of course we want to show that to you. Tempo-Team and Royal FloraHolland are organizing a Meet & Greet, especially for you!

To introduce you to the functions, at the 28th of March Royal FloraHolland opens the door from 9 AM till 11 AM to meet you. Do you also want to visit the company? Apply on the yellow button and we will give you the last information!

We will tell you everything about this top employer. You can also look around the flower auction itself! And you drink and eat something. Also my colleagues will give you nice information!

Is Royal FloraHolland what you're looking for? Then you can get started pretty quickly after that!

what we offer

A starting salary of € 14,93 per hour!

All information about Royal FloraHolland.

A tour of the workplace!

Easy to combine.

A nice snack and drink.

You can get started very quick.

who you are

Interested in attending the Meet & Greet holiday work? How nice! But besides being enthusiastic and wanting to work as a warehouse employee, it is important that you:

  • Are available from 06:00 AM or 06:30 AM (Monday to Friday) (less days is also possible)
  • Fit to do driving or standing work
  • Are looking forward to start your new job!

what will you do

During your new job you will divide the flowers. In the early morning shift you ensure that the flowers reach the right customer. You drive through the warehouse on your trolley. You work with a voice picking system. You will receive instructions on this and you know which flower boxes belong to which customer. Then you drive to the customer's cart. You take the flower boxes and sort them on the cart. Easy right?!

  • Divide
  • Prepare orders

where will you work

At Royal FloraHolland you will work in the largest flower auction in the Netherlands. You stand between international colleagues and many beautiful flowers. How beautiful is that?! As a logistics employee at Royal FloraHolland you are often rewarded with a free lunch or sometimes a free bunch of flowers. That is even more enjoying your work! Your day at Royal FloraHolland starts at 6:00 AM or 6:30 AM until 11:00 AM/12:00 PM. This allows you to combine it well with school or another job!
Enthusiastic?! We arrange everything immediately, so that you can start quickly!

Come to the Meet and Greet at the 28th of March from 09:00 AM till 11:00 AM at Royal FloraHolland in Aalsmeer. Do you want to come with a friend? No problem, the more souls, the more joy!

Tour the workfloor

With the tour you'll take a look at your new employer


Sign up for the Meet and Greet by clicking the apply button! We can't wait to get to know you!

We hope to see you soon at Royal FloraHolland!

Vragen of hulp nodig?

Questions about the vacancy? Please let us know! We are available by Whatsapp, phone and email.

Isabel & Sanne