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Catering Employee

  • Utrecht
  • € 13,27 per uur
  • 15 - 25 uur, 3 - 5 dagen per week
  • Tempo Team Hospitality

Hey there! We have the perfect job for a motivated catering employee, like you! You won't be working at just one location. Oh no, that's way too boring! You'll be working at various corporate restaurants in Utrecht. Yes, variety! Doesn't that sound delightful? Keep reading for more details. :-)

what we offer

€ 13,27 per hour, paid weekly

Work whenever you want

Work at diverse locations

Friendly and fun colleagues

Excellent training possibilities

who you are

We're not too picky. What matters most to us is that you, as a catering employee, are motivated. Furthermore:

  • You live in the Utrecht area
  • You are flexible and available
  • You're just really excited about this opportunity!

what will you do

The fun part! Yes! You'll be working as a cheerful catering employee. You'll do this at various locations in Utrecht. The exciting part is that each office has its own culture. Some locations focus on healthy and responsible eating, while others really love a good croquette sandwich.
Now, you might be wondering, what will I be doing exactly? You'll be running the office restaurant with your colleagues. You'll make the tastiest sandwiches and soups and keep the coolers stocked. Or you'll prepare a delicious salad or snacks. Are the counters filled? Is all the cutlery ready? Let the guests come! While your guests marvel at the choices, you'll be behind the counter, chatting with them. Things are getting a bit busy at the cash register, so you'll quickly jump in there as well.
You'll see that your guests truly enjoy all the delicious food you've prepared. You'll receive a compliment! How wonderful, that's where a catering employee gets their energy.
Once your satisfied guests leave the restaurant, it's time for cleaning. You and your colleagues will clean the kitchen and the restaurant. You'll also handle the dishes in the dish washing area. Is everything clean and tidy? Great, your colleagues can start fresh the next day. With a big smile, you'll close the door behind you. It was a wonderful workday.

where will you work

As a catering employee, you'll shine at multiple locations in Utrecht. Think of caterers like Albron, Compass, Eurest, ISS, and Paresto. Wow, that's super exciting!

Tour the workfloor

With the tour you'll take a look at your new employer


Doesn't this sound fantastic? What are you waiting for? Apply now as a catering employee, and you could be working next week. Wow!

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Any questions? Do not hesitate to ask me!

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