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Post NL with accommodation

  • Nieuwegein
  • € 13,68 - 17,78 per uur
  • 40 uur, 5 dagen per week
  • Geen
  • Logistic worker

Welcome at EU-Flex!
We are the department where you find a job and accommodation!
All over the Netherlands we work with companies in the logistic and production sector.
For people from the EU, we provide a combination: job, accommodation and working transport.

what we offer

Full time job (34 up to 40+ hours)

Allowance of 20% = € 15,92 per hour

Allowance of 30% = € 17,25 per hour

Guaranteed 120 per 4 weeks

Transport with car, possible to be driver*

who you are

It is not required but we are always looking for drivers!
You need to have your physical driver's license on you when receiving the car!!!
If you are the driver you can use the car private (own costs and only in The Netherlands, it's not allowed to travel outside the country, is not allowed to let someone else driver with this car)
Be available by phone on the first workday so that the planner can check/confirm car planning
The planner will decide who will be the driver, so please be aware that even if I put you in the system with a driver's license and you agreed to the driver’s rules, there is a chance that you may not be a driver.

If you have the fallowing, only then we can help you get this job offer.

  • EU nationality (EU-Passport or ID)
  • You need a job with accommodation
  • Speak and understand English lvl B2!
  • You are available for a longer period of time
  • You do not mind working in different shifts
  • You are in good shape (packages can be up to 30 kg)
  • You have the paper of no criminal record not older than 6 months or you are able to apply for one

what will you do

What are you going to do?
When the packages come from the sorting machine and land into the slot, the packages must be placed in the correct roller container.

Raising packages: means that the appropriate packages must be properly placed on the sorting machine, with the bar-code upwards. The sorting machine reads the bar-code on the package and knows which slot the package should come down to. Some packages are not suitable for the sorting machine by the size or weight they have. You need to make sure that only appropriate packages are on the machine, otherwise it will lead to a malfunction.

As a LoLa employee (loading/unloading), you make sure that the trucks arriving at the depots during the evening are emptied. Often, these trucks contain rolling containers with packages and the rolling containers must be removed from the trucks. You need to put these containers in the right place so that a colleague can take care of the further process. At the end of the evening, the sorted packages need to be placed in the correct truck again. The packages can now go to the next depot.

Crossdock: This task consists of loading and unloading containers whose packages are already sorted but need to be placed in a different truck. These activities are physically heavy because only rolling containers are being used. Moreover, the work is mostly outside.

  • Able to do heavy work
  • min. height of 1.65m.
  • Good English language A2 minimal
  • FULL availability is important, as well as being able to work 5 days a week if needed (no education next to work!), sometimes you have to work in other depots (post nl den bosch/utrecht/son/breda) .

where will you work

Nieuwegein is one of the biggest locations in the Netherlands of PostNL.
PostNL is an indispensable link between senders and recipients of mail and parcels, between the physical and the online world in the Netherlands.They have over 46,000 employees, and are one of the largest employers in the Netherlands.
Different locations are possible: Den Bosch, Born, Nieuwegein, Utrecht, Tilburg and Waalwijk. Ask the recruiter for possibilities! If you choose for Post NL, you get:

  • A full time job with provided accommodation, health insurance and daily transport to  work
  • € 13.27 per hour+ plus shift allowance
  • 120% between 22.00 and 24.00 and 24.00-06.00 130%
  • Saturday 00.00-00.00 140%, 200% on Sunday
  • 8,33% holiday allowance!
  • Growth opportunities


If you don t have your document of no criminal records please apply for it because our recruitment will need this before they can offer you the contract for this job.

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