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Vezet with accommodation

  • Warmenhuizen
  • € 14,08 per uur
  • 40 uur, 5 dagen per week
  • Geen
  • Production worker

Would you like to start working for the healthiest company in the Netherlands? Vezet in Warmenhuizen produces fresh vegetables for the Albert Heijn supermarket chain. Each product is freshly prepared. You earn good wages, you can work a year through Tempo-Team at Vezet. Can we see you in the future as a production employee at Vezet?

what we offer

Salary 14.08 brutto/hour plus shifts allowance.

Accommodation in 2 persons rooms

Guaranteed 120 per 4 weeks

Free transport to work

who you are

If you want to work in Vezet:

  • You need to speak English
  • Be in a good fit condition
  • Like to work in shifts
  • Driving license is a plus

what will you do

You start the day fresh and fruity in the healthiest company in the Netherlands. The coffee is ready and waiting for you. Every shift, you and your team make sure the store shelves are stocked with delicious fresh fruits and vegetables. For example, you put fruit into a cutting machine or weigh trays of salad. Most of the day you will be on your feet at a fruit/vegetable cutting production line. This is what you will do; Cutting, packing, making pizza, stacking boxes. You will be working in a cold environment, but wearing a nice sweater will work well (4 to 5 degrees Celsius). Communication will be in basic English.

where will you work

Vezet has a total of five factories. In primary processing, vegetables arrive and are processed into semi-finished products. They are then packaged or combined into salads, fresh meals and pizzas.
This company is all about health.


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