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Orderpicker (English)

  • Diessen
  • € 15,19 per uur
  • 40 uur, 5 dagen per week
  • Kwantum Diessen

Nice! A fulltime job with a great hourly pay of €15,19 in just dayshifts! You will get good training and you’ll get a permanent contract after only 800 worked hours! As an orderpicker at Kwantum Diessen you will get all of that!

what we offer

A salary of € 15,19 gross per hour (22+)

Travel allowance

Fixed contract after 800 worked hours

Holiday allowance of 8,33%

You work in the day shifts only!

Great colleagues and canteen!

who you are

You are excited to work with your new colleagues as an orderpicker! And, you:

  • are available 40 hours a week in the dayshift
  • have your own transportation to Diessen (in between Tilburg and Eindhoven)
  • are able to lift up to 30 kg

what will you do

As an orderpicker at Kwantum Diessen you'll be trained by one of your colleagues. So you'll be picking orders by yourself in no time! You will grow quite some muscle here. Because you are going to be collecting and packing the big boxes to be shipped to the customers. The products at Kwantum Diessen are slightly larger, because here they store their benches, garden sets and much more! Luckily you won’t be walking around a lot with those heavy boxes. You will be doing all this with an EPT. Don’t worry if you don’t have your certificate yet! You can get one here for free!

where will you work

As an orderpicker at Kwantum Diessen you will learn the names of all your colleagues very quickly. Everyone is friendly and works hard. They will help you when you need it and you can count on them to have a good time during breaks! You can even play football with them! Sounds like fun right!


So, are you ready to work with amazing colleagues everyday as an orderpicker? Then apply quickly via the ‘solliciteren’ button! We’ll contact you within one workday. If you have any questions, you can mail me on recruitment.zuidwest@tempo-team.nl or whatsapp/call me on 076-5211818!

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