Let’s make a bet: next week you will be running at full speed

Come on, don't give up! Your job will get more fun week by week. You just have to get to know everyone a bit more. We want to make sure everyone is happy with their job, we want to let you read our tips for having more fun at work! This way your next workday is going to be more fun!

Lifehack: make sure you already know the names of your colleagues. In that way, you will come across more interested and your colleagues will show more interest in you! 

5 tips for more fun at work!

  1. Having a laugh or just a little setback? Just take your time!
    Sharing your experiences and feelings with colleagues is great for team building.
  2. Challenge! Compliment at least one colleague a day. 
    Research shows that not only the recipient but also the giver and bystanders of a compliment feel better afterwards. 
  3. Celebrate successes together
    Going for drinks after work with your colleagues is fun and also good for the team spirit!
  4. Bring your colleague a cup of coffee!
    Research shows that people over 50, in particular, get a lot of job satisfaction from getting coffee for their colleagues. 
  5. Turn on the music during work! 
    Putting on music is great for the atmosphere within the group, funny moments are guaranteed!

Do you want to grow at work? No problem! 

At Tempo-Team we find it important that you can develop yourself, so you will always enjoy your job. Because of that, we offer you different courses and webinars. Whether you want to learn something new or get better at what you are already doing: anything is possible. Great!

together we work on your growth! How? 

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