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As you know, you receive your salary each month on the 21st from now on.  You received an email about this previously. Your salary for February is therefore transferred today. We give an overview of the most important matters in order to ensure that everything is clear to you. In brief:

  • Check your payslip in Youforce if you have any questions
  • Claim hours worked additionally by means of the claim form
  • Claim varying allowances and varying travel expenses
  • We set off any surplus against the salary for February
  • Gain insight into leave and benefits

Questions? Check your payslip in Youforce 

Your salary is based on the fixed number of working hours in your employment contract or your minimum number of hours in case of a min-max contract. If you have any questions regarding your salary, always check your payslip in Youforce first for the hours paid. Your payslip is guiding and becomes visible on the day you receive your salary.

Find here an example of your payslip »

You can claim hours worked additionally by means of the claim form 

You claim hours worked additionally, which means in excess of your regular or minimum number of working hours, by means of the claim form. You may do so from the 31st of that month until the 10th of the next month. Claims must be approved by your supervisor before the 10th. So don’t wait too long to submit your claims and enquire with your supervisor if the claim has not yet been approved. You will receive an email when your supervisor approves or rejects your claim. If the claim is rejected you can adjust it if necessary. 

You have to claim varying allowances 

If your allowances are the same every month, this amount will be included in your salary. You can claim varying allowances to your hours worked before the 10th of the month. Use the claim form for this purpose

You have to claim varying travel expenses

If your commuting allowance is a fixed monthly amount, it is paid out automatically with your salary in the same month. Do you have varying commuting expenses? Do you commute by car or public transport? Or do you not always work the same number of days each week? You can claim these before the 10th of the month.

Please note: you may no longer claim your hours or allowances from 2020 in ‘Mijn Tempo-Team’. These hours/allowances will not be processed. Travel and other expenses already sent by means of the old form will no longer be processed either. You can claim additional allowances using the new form similarly to additional hours.

Corrections payment January

If your number of working hours was adjusted effective as from 1 January, this will be corrected with retroactive effect and set off against your salary for February 2020. Any advance payment you may have received will also be set off against your salary for February. This is also stated on your payslip. 

Insight into leave and benefits 

You now also have insight into your leave and flex benefits, your custom terms of employment. You can make choices about your terms of employment that fit your personal situation by means of the ‘flex benefits’ button in Youforce. These choices depend on your client’s CLA. You can see your leave for the duration of your employment in 2020 by clicking on the ‘self service’ button. You submit your leave applications here as well. You should discuss this in advance with your supervisor, however. If applicable, we will add the leave hours you have carried forward from 2019 at the latest in March.

If you worked on the basis of contract hours in 2019, you will have kept a record of this together with your supervisor. That is why we will request the leave balance from your supervisor. This will also be included in your leave statement as from 21 March.

View this page for additional information 

You can find all important information about Youforce, the claim form and an explanation of your payslip on this page. A payroll monthly payment FAQ was recently added to this. 

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