Tempo-Team simplifies its organizational structure


A new law comes into force on 1 January 2020: the Balanced Labor Market Act, or WAB in Dutch. This law provides more security to people with flexible work.

Tempo-Team is simplifying its organizational structure for a better WAB alignment. Our services are now provided by several BVs, or private companies. Many of these will transfer to a single private company from 1 January 2020: Tempo-Team Uitzenden bv. 

Your pay slip will soon say ‘Tempo-Team Uitzenden’

Tempo-Team Uitzenden will be the name of your new employer from 1 January 2020. This is what you will see on your pay slip. Nothing else changes. You will be doing the same work, for the same client. Your Tempo-Team contact will also be unchanged.

What else will you notice?

We have been preparing our systems for the WAB since 18 November 2019, to ensure that everything runs smoothly. This might mean that in ‘Mijn Tempo-Team’, your current assignment will show an end date of 29 December 2019. Your current assignment is not necessarily ending on that date. This is only being shown for technical and administrative reasons

The first administrative week of 2020 starts on Monday, 30 December 2019. If you continue working for us, an assignment will appear in ‘Mijn Tempo-Team’ no later than 27 December 2019, with a starting date of 30 December 2019. Any reservations, debts or claims will be included in this assignment. Are you declaring your own hours? Then you may only declare the hours of that week (namely week 1, starting on 30 December 2019) for this assignment. 

Please contact us for any question

Got any questions? Want to know more about this change or the WAB? Then please get in touch with your regular Tempo-Team contact.

Kind regards,