This is what you have to know about the new Balanced Labor Market Act (WAB)


Have you heard? A new act will enter into effect on 1 January 2020: the Balanced Labor Market Act (WAB). That is quite a mouthful. We refer to it simply as the WAB. A law with which the government aims to reduce the difference between a permanent job and flex work. We outline in this email what this means for you. 

The aim of the WAB is to provide more certainty to on-call workers. Payrollers will have more rights. The Act also regulates that you are always entitled to payment in case of involuntary loss of work. Please note that not every paragraph may apply to you.

There will be a minimum call-up period for on-call workers 

  • If you have been scheduled for work and your client cancels the work within 4 days, you will be paid the hours you would have worked as an on-call worker. How nice is that? 

Entitlement to a fixed number of hours after at most 12 hours of employment

Have you been working for us as an on-call worker for a prolonged period of time? If so, you will receive from us an offer for a fixed number of hours after at most 12 months of employment. This means you are always certain that you work enough hours. 

You would prefer not to be bound by a fixed number of hours? That is fine too! Naturally, you have the right to refuse this offer if you prefer to remain flexible.

You will have other rights as payroller

If you are a payroller, you will have the same legal position and working conditions as other employees of your client as from 2020. This includes matters such as bonuses, leave and end-of-year bonus. Nice, right? You will receive more information about this in the next few weeks if this applies to you.

You are entitled to a transition payment as from day 1 

You are entitled to a transition payment if you are confronted with involuntary loss of work. The new Act means that this already applies from your first day of work. 

This is what you can count on 

Okay, there will be some changes in the new year. Will your contract with us be extended in the near future? If so, your new contract may look different from your current contract. Naturally, we will inform you if this is the case. 

More information 

Would you like to know more? Watch your email, Mijn Tempo-Team and the Tempo-Team app. 

Kind regards!