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Courier AH Online Amsterdam

  • Amsterdam
  • € 16,79 per uur
  • 13 - 20 uur, 2 - 5 dagen per week
  • AH Online Amsterdam

Do you like to drive around in Amsterdam, and do you want to make customers happy with their ordered groceries? Are you also interested in earning €16,79 per hour (21+, including holiday payment, ADV and end-of-year bonus)? And after one year of working €18,49 per hour?Then this is the job for you! Come work as a courier at Albert Heijn Online Amsterdam! Apply now, start working in a couple of days.

what we offer

A great salary of €16,79!💰

A chance to get a contract with AH! 🚀💼

Travel expanses €0,21 up to 45 kilometers! 🚗💸

After a year of working it becomes €18,49 per hr!

Schedule your own shifts with the app! 📱

Grow to, for example, a teamleader! 🌟

who you are

As a courier at Albert Heijn it is important that you can work 2 Saturdays a month. Also you:

  • have your driver's license B for at least two years
  • speak fluently English or Dutch
  • are able to work at least two days a week
  • are okay with working in different locations in the Netherlands

what will you do

Every day is different at Albert Heijn! You will start your shift at the distribution center. There you will pick up the box truck and the groceries. When everything is all right, it is time to hit the road! You will deliver to about 25 customers per day. You also will do the payment sometimes and take back empty bottles or crates. It's easy and your day will fly by!
The location is easy to reach with public transport and close to the station of Sloterdijk. From there it's 15 minutes by bus.

  • Driving in a box truck
  • Carrying groceries
  • Having contact with customers

where will you work

Albert Heijn is one of the most famous supermarkets in the Netherlands! As a courier you will have a flexible job with a lot of freedom. You can work in 2 different shifts. There are morning shifts (between 06:00 and 14:00) and night shifts (between 13:00 and 23:00). At the moment we are looking for couriers in the afternoon-evening shift.

Do you see yoursel grow in the company in the future? That is possible! Maybe you are the next teamleider.
Or maybe you are the next person to get a contract with AH! In 2023 we offered 42 couriers a contract with AH Online!

Your salary of €18,49 includes holiday money, ADV and end-of-year bonus. In other words, everything you earn and are entitled to is already included in this amount of €18.49. In addition, you are entitled to 25 vacation days. This way, you can fully enjoy your well-deserved rest! 🌟🚀💼

  • Work for a longer period of time
  • Good to combine

Tour the workfloor

With the tour you'll take a look at your new employer


Do you want to work as a courier at Albert Heijn? Then you can apply by clicking on the button. You can schedule a appointment on the next page to talk about this awesome vacancy!

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