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Logistics Employee (ENG)

  • 's-Hertogenbosch
  • € 13,27 - 25,54 per uur
  • 24 - 40 uur, 3 - 5 dagen per week
  • Geen
  • PostNL Pakketten Den Bosch

Do you like it when you order a package, and it arrives on time? Me too! Do you also want to be a part of this quick delivery process? Become a logistics employee (English) at PostNL Den Bosch! Do extra allowances for the evening/night hours also sound very attractive? Apply quickly! Want to know more before applying? Keep on reading!

what we offer

Salary! Payment of ā‚¬ 13,27 per hour

Allowance! 20% and 30% during evening and night

More allowance! 40% on Saturday and 100% on Sunday

Travel allowance! Up from 6 kilometers

Hours! Part time and full time opportunities

Contract! Chance of a contract after 6 months

who you are

Firstly, you are not afraid to get your hands dirty. Besides that, if you want to start working as a logistics employee (English) at PostNL Den Bosch, you:

  • are available at least 3 days a week
  • have your own transport and accommodation in The Netherlands
  • are in the possibility to get a VOG document (certificate of conduct)

what will you do

As an English logistics employee, you will be sorting packages! That is the main thing you will be doing at PostNL Den Bosch. Besides sorting packages, it is also possible to help load and unload the trucks. Are you ready to use your muscles? Because some packages can be quite heavy (23 kg.)! At PostNL Den Bosch, you will work mainly during the evenings and night hours.

  • Working days: Monday till Sunday
  • Working hours: between 7.30 pm and 3.30 am

where will you work

You will be joining a team of international, English speaking logistics employees. They are working hard in the warehouse of PostNL Den Bosch, every day! This to make sure everyone at home receives their packages on time! A good working environment is important for PostNL. They try to maintain an 8+ classification for the satisfaction of the working environment for the employees. PostNL Den Bosch is located at Ketelaarskampweg in Den Bosch. The warehouse is easy to reach with your own transport!

Tour the workfloor

With the tour you'll take a look at your new employer


Are you the logistics employee (English) Iā€™m looking for? Apply quickly! I will contact you within one working day to discuss everything. Do you have any more questions? Feel free to contact me via mail, phone or WhatsApp! Or book an appointment with me. This is possible on the next page. I will call when it suits you best! Speak to you soon!

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