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Warehouse Employee

  • Zaltbommel
  • € 13 - 27 per maand
  • 24 - 40 uur, 3 - 5 dagen per week
  • Geen

Come and work as a warehouse employee at PostNL Zaltbommel! Why do you ask? A salary of € 13,27 with allowances of 20%, 30%, 40% and even 100% on Sundays. You also get to sleep in because of the working hours in the evening/nights. What else do you need? You read it further in this job offer!

If you are coming from outside of the EU you can not apply for this job. Need a job with accommodation? Send an email to: lookingforajob@tempo-team.nl

what we offer

Salary of € 13,27 per hour.

Allowances! 20%, 30% and 40%!

100% allowance on Sunday!

Travel allowance up from 6 km.

Growth opportunities within the warehouse.

Chance of permanent contract after 6-12 months.

who you are

When you are going to work as a warehouse employee at PostNL Zaltbommel we don’t ask much. Only that you are:

  • available for a minimum of 3 days per week.
  • available to work in the evenings and nights.
  • in possession of your own transportation to get to work.

what will you do

Working at PostNL Zaltbommel! And what exactly are you going to do? As a warehouse employee Crossdock you will work with containers. A PostNL Crossdock location means that no packages are sorted here, it is a temporary storage. So, you are busy with loading and unloading containers all day long. And of course making sure they are in the right place in the warehouse. This way, the right containers go into the right trucks. As a result, the packages eventually end up at everyone's house! Don't forget! All our colleague can speak Dutch or English, so maybe you will learn a word or two!

  • Working days from Monday to Sunday
  • Working hours in the evening / night and morning. Between 7:30 PM and 3:00 PM (various shifts).

where will you work

The warehouse of PostNL Zaltbommel is located on Doornepol. This is in the industrial area De Wildeman. This is easily reachable with your own transportation. In Zaltbommel you work with a nice team of international colleagues!

  • Working hours in the evenings, nights and mornings.
  • To work at PostNL you need to apply for a VOG document


Interested in this job as a warehouse employee at PostNL? Yes, apply now! Within one working day I will contact you to discuss the job offer by phone. On the next page you can choose a time for this appointment. Any questions before applying? Feel free to contact me by phone, mail or WhatsApp.

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