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Barista Amsterdam (English)

  • Amsterdam
  • € 13,27 per uur
  • 24 - 32 uur, 3 - 4 dagen per week
  • Geen
  • Tempo Team Hospitality

Do you adore coffee? ☕❤️ Explore this exciting job opening! Tempo Team is offering you a special opportunity to master the art of brewing exquisite coffee, completely FREE. That's right, no charge at all! Immerse yourself in the rich culture of coffee and train to be an expert barista. 🌟 After you've honed your skills, demonstrate them with us! 💪 Does this sound like the perfect job for you? Seize this chance to become a coffee expert!

what we offer

Salary: €13.27 per hour, yes!

Payment: Every week, check!

Variety: Diverse and cool workplaces!

You'll spend your day by the aroma of coffee!

Work Fun: Guaranteed with fun colleagues!

who you are

Are you absolutely crazy about coffee and love talking about it all day? Then you are the person we're looking for. It would also be beneficial if you:

  • Can work at various locations in Amsterdam;
  • You are available during the day and on weekdays.

what will you do

Your barista adventure starts at 8:00 AM! Full of enthusiasm, you greet your colleague. Today, you'll both rock the coffee corner together. But first things first! You make yourself a delicious cup of coffee. Now you're fully ready to dive into the day! Together, you ensure everything looks spotless and restock the muffins, smoothies, and sandwiches. Soon, you see a cheerful line of guests forming, each eager for their coffee fix.

You bring fun and warmth to the workplace. Working almost feels like a party. Whether it's a simple coffee, a frothy cappuccino, a strong espresso, or a creamy latte macchiato—you make them all! That barista training is really paying off now! Before you know it, the clock strikes 3:30 PM and your shift ends. You tidy up everything neatly and treat yourself to a tasty coffee to go. What a fantastic workday it was! You’re already looking forward to your next shift as a barista.

  • Looking for fixed hours? Apply and discuss the possibilities with us!

where will you work

As a barista, you'll have the opportunity to shine in the bustling Amsterdam and Schiphol region!
This is your stage to share your passion for coffee with a diverse audience! From professionals to visitors, in an environment where quality and atmosphere go hand in hand. Get ready for an adventure where your coffee skills are appreciated! Where every day brings something new and exciting!


Is coffee your great love? ❤️ Good news! 🎉 The coffee can't wait to meet you! Click 'Apply' NOW and who knows, we might be engaged in a lively conversation as soon as tomorrow. Your ultimate coffee adventure starts here! ✨

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