Working in the Netherlands as a refugee

When you are creating a new life in a foreign country, finding a suitable job can be a challenge. You are confronted with a different culture, an unknown language and loads of other insecurities. In that case, Tempo-Team is there for you! We help you find a suitable job in the Netherlands. Do you want to know more about Tempo-Team? And the way we help people to find a job? We tell you all about it on this page.

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Who is Tempo-Team? 

We are a Dutch recruitment agency who connects job seekers with employers. We have a large network and collaborate with various big employers in every region of the country. It is our job to find you a job that fits your needs, matches your wishes, skills and education. Whatever your age, background or gender - your willingness to work is what counts to us!

Here are some examples of jobs you can get via us:

  • Production/ assembly worker 
  • Forklift driver or orderpicker
  • Courier (for supermarkets or postal service)
  • Cleaner
  • Customer service employee

Working in the Netherlands: what requirements are needed?

As an asylum seeker in the Netherlands, you are allowed to work for 24 weeks a year. Your asylum application must be pending for at least 6 weeks. You also need an established employment permit (a TWV in Dutch). Check the Dutch Government website for more information about the TVW. 

Working in the Netherlands via Tempo-Team

To work in the Netherlands, we require you to speak English, German or Dutch. The main reason for this requirement is safety: you must be able to understand the work instructions. This requirement applies to everyone - no matter your nationality.

We offer a couple of language courses, which help you improve your language skills faster.

Special permit for Ukraine

The EU has activated a 'Temporary Protection Directive' for Ukraine. This regulation states that every Ukrainian refugee will receive a document from the IND with a residence permit, housing and a work permit. These permits are valid until at least April 2023. 

Not every Ukrainian refugee has yet received this document. Therefore, until the 30th of May 2022, Ukrainian refugees don’t need an employment permit to work in the Netherlands. This applies to anyone who can show an Ukrainian passport or identity card. Unfortunately, this doesn’t apply to so-called third country nationals. 

After May 30th, every new Ukrainian refugee must possess the IND-document to apply for a job. For all the requirements, visit the IND website.

Go to the IND website 

Tempo-Team can help you!

Are you looking for a job in the Netherlands? We are happy to help you. The companies and employers within our network offer a great range of job opportunities, which means there is always a suitable job we can find you. We make sure to connect you with the right employer and find you a job that matches your needs, skills and preferences. Besides, we offer free language courses including Dutch, English and German.

Dutch language courses

Do you want to learn Dutch? We offer a couple of language courses, all free of charge. The only thing you have to do is register/ create an account (free of charge). After your registration, you can select one of the courses from our “My Growth” programme and start learning right away. You can choose between the following courses:

  • E-learning - Dutch for non natives: the first steps in learning Dutch.
  • Self study programme - Dutch for non natives: a Dutch language programme which you can follow at your own pace.

  • Can refugees work in the Netherlands?

    Yes, but you have to request a work permit. There are some requirements you have to meet in order to get this permit. Click here for more information about these requirements. Are you a Ukrainian refugee? Then you don’t need a work permit if you entered the country before the 30th of May 2022. If you enter the country after that date, you’ll receive a special IND-permit. Read more about this special permit here.

  • Do you need an employment permit to work in the Netherlands?

    All nationalities, except for Ukraine, need a work permit to get a job in the Netherlands. Ukrainian refugees can work without a permit until the 30th of May 2022. After that date, every Ukrainian refugee receives a document from the IND, stating that they will receive a residence permit, housing and a work permit. Learn more about this special permit.

  • What do you need to work as a refugee in the Netherlands?

    To get a job as a refugee in the Netherlands, it is required that you speak English, German or Dutch. This is because you need to be able to understand the safety protocols. Besides that, you have to meet some more conditions. Read more about these conditions here.

  • Will a Ukrainian refugee lose their living allowance if they start working?

    Yes, you will lose your living allowance if you start working as a refugee. If you find a job, you must report it to the local municipality. Your living allowance expires one month later. Do you want more information about working in the Netherlands as a refugee? Read more about this here.

  • Can Ukrainian freelancers work without an employment permit?

    No, the exemption of work permits only applies to Ukrainian refugees who are also salaried employees. As a freelancer, you have to request a TWV-permit to work in the Netherlands. Want to learn more about working in the Netherlands as a Ukrainian refugee? Read everything about it here.

  • Is a Ukrainian driver’s license valid in the Netherlands?

    In the Netherlands, only Driver’s licenses from the EU are valid. Since Ukraine is not a member of the EU, your driver’s license will expire in 185 days. As a truck driver, you need to possess an EU-established C/CE driver’s license including a code 95 certificate. A Ukrainian driver's license does not meet this requirement. It is also not exchangeable for a Dutch driving license. For more information about working in the Netherlands as a Ukrainian refugee, read this.