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Windmills, dams and tulips🌷. The Netherlands is largely known for a variety of different things. No wonder looking for jobs in the Netherlands popped up in your mind when you decided to move abroad! Now that you live in the Netherlands, we’re sure you’d like to make a career as well. Let us help! In case you don’t want to see all jobs in the Netherlands for English speakers already, on this page we’ll tell you all there is to know about working in the Netherlands as an English speaker. We’ve also selected the best jobs in the Netherlands just for you!

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Everything about working in the Netherlands

You just happened to stumble upon the most fun recruitment agency in the Netherlands. And since you probably can’t quite understand our radio commercials, we’ve got a thing for working at a place where you can have fun. It’s our core value! While there’s other recruitment agencies around, we promise you the jobs for English speakers in the Netherlands that will brighten up your day! So whether you’re an expat looking for a career opportunity or a student wanting to make a buck in summer, we promise we have the right jobs in the Netherlands just for you. So now that we’ve got that covered, check out what we have to offer!

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Fulltime and part-time jobs for English speakers near you

You want it, we’ve got it✔️. If you’re looking to work around 40h per week, our best fulltime job offers for English speakers are waiting for you already! Got less time on your hands? No problem! Plenty of English-speaking part-time jobs in the Netherlands as well! Regardless of what you’re looking for, we’re sure you’ll find it somewhere on this page! Plenty of great employers are waiting for your application. Check out the links, or read more about what we’ve got to offer in your area below!

Don't see your area below? Don't worry! We have job offers for English speakers everywhere.

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Fulltime and part-time jobs in Amsterdam area

Ah, so you live in or near Amsterdam? It’s understandable that you’re on the lookout for part-time jobs in Amsterdam! You need some time to stroll through the canals after all, mhm😉? And while some of us have this time on hand, others might prefer to work fulltime in Amsterdam. Luckily for you, employers like Albert Heijn and Arvato offer both! Besides this great trio, there’s plenty of other employers waiting to hear from you! Read all about it on our page English speaking jobs in Amsterdam and see what job offers for English speaksers in the Netherlands are waiting for you.

Fulltime and part-time jobs in Rotterdam area

Do you like shopping? Sweet! Then Rotterdam surely is the place for you. Don’t worry about check-out queues and changing rooms, though. If you’re looking for jobs in Rotterdam, you’ll do your shopping straight from an IngramMicro or ModexPress warehouse! So hop on your EPT truck and see if you want to check out our fulltime jobs in Rotterdam or part-time jobs in Rotterdam! For more information, check out English speaking jobs in Rotterdam.

Fulltime and part-time jobs in Eindhoven area

When looking for jobs in the Netherlands for English speakers, Eindhoven is a real place-to-be! Not only does it have many great employers but also the best festivals and hiking-routes. Our fulltime jobs in Eindhoven are waiting for you already. Haven’t got 40 hours to invest? No problem! The same and many other employers have part time job offers ready for you as well! We’ll tell you all about it on English speaking jobs in Eindhoven.

Jobs with a permanent contract ✍️

Looking for certainty, stability and lots of fun? Well, these three words describe your next permanent job offer! Permanent? Yes indeed! These employers and Tempo-Team will offer you a permanent contract instantly. Wow! Apply today and celebrate your first payday next week! 🎉 Curious? Be sure to check out all the permanent contract vacancies.

International student jobs in the Netherlands

Brilliant choice. The Netherlands has many amazing cities for international students such as Rotterdam, Eindhoven and Amsterdam… But bills ‘got to be paid, money’s got to be made! Luckily, as an international student from outside of the EU, you are welcome to work max. 18 hours weekly. So plenty of time to find a job as a student in the Netherlands! For this, you will need a work permit. Are you from within the EU, or do you have your permit already? Cool! Check out all job offers that might interest you!

The best job offers for English speakers in the Netherlands

Have you asked yourself what industries have jobs in the Netherlands for English speakers? Most of them, actually. But if you’re not an IT professional or certified teacher, you might want to narrow your search for English speaking jobs down. No worries, we have already done that for you! There’s a few industries that thrive with English speaking colleagues like yourself. Check out the offers in those evergreen industries below.

👉Work in logistics

Tempo-Team has a great deal of logistics jobs for English speakers. Chances are you’ll even get a PA who speaks English! The possibilities are endless. Hop on an EPT truck as an order picker and collect products around the warehouse. Not too much of a drifter? No worries. If you prefer to take it slower, your qualities will come in handy as a warehouse employee. Logistics is a good place to start your career as an English speaker in the Netherlands. There are a lot of English-speaking jobs in this industry and shift allowances sky-rocket your salary. Find your new job by checking out everything about logistics jobs in the Netherlands.

👉 Work in production and manufacturing

I spy, I spy with my little eye… that you’ve got an eye for assembly work! Tiny components used in fridges, cars and space crafts are assembled by your new colleagues. If tech is what interests you, check out assembly worker job offers. Not too much of a technician? No worries! Check out all production job offers. You’ll find job offers for English speakers bakeries, chocolate factories and other awesome companies.

👉 Work in food and hospitality

As you may have noticed, the Netherlands is not particularly famous for it’s great cuisine. That’s why we need your skills in the kitchen! Bring a little spice into our kitchens as a chef, catering employee or barista! These offers are a little bit more sparse, so make sure you grab yours when it’s available. Jobs in food and hospitality are perhaps the most flexible jobs for English speakers in the Netherlands. In many cases, your work schedule will work together with your studies or other commitments nicely!

Haven't found the industry you're interested in? No worries! We simply have too many to put on one page😉. See all job offers for English speakers and peek at what else we have in stock.

What do I need to work in the Netherlands?

Are you from a country within the European Economic Area (EEA) or Switzerland? You’re in luck! You can work in the Netherlands freely, without need for any further documentation or permits. All you need is a ‘burgerservicenummer’. No, not to queue up for a Big Tasty at the Golden Arch😉. This number serves as a citizen service number. If you are not one of those lucky people, you will most likely need a work permit, such as a visa. Heavy stuff! Don’t worry though, we’ve got you covered. You’ll find more information on work permits and citizen service numbers on everything you need to start working in the Netherlands. Got everything sorted? Nice! Then we are thrilled to get your application.

All you need to get started is...

  • The right documentation, check it out in the link above!
  • A Dutch citizen service number
  • Basic English to communicate with your colleagues
  • A bank account number to get paid 🤑
  • Your own place to stay and health insurance.

Psst.. you’ll find job offers with accommodation and insurance here!

Checked all the boxes? Awesome! Let's get started on your new job in the Netherlands.

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Frequently asked questions

  • How do I find jobs for English speakers in the Netherlands?

    Congratulations, you’re halfway there! Tempo-Team has a whole bunch of job offers for English speakers. The Netherlands is a digital country, and almost all recruitment happens online. So if you’re on the lookout for a new job in the Netherlands, your search starts online as well. Read all you need to know before getting started and see the best vacancies for English speakers right away!

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  • Who can work in the Netherlands?

    Technically, everyone can work in the Netherlands! We’re a very multicultural country as you may know already. Nevertheless, some people need to acquire special documentation such as a visa or work permit before they can start their journey. Want to know all the requirements for working in Holland? We’ve got that summed up for you! Read all we have on what you need to start working in the Netherlands.

  • Does Tempo-Team offer seasonal jobs with accommodation?

    Sure we do! In fact, we’ve got a whole team of specialists to help you make some money in summer! Tempo-Team EU-Flex has all of our seasonal jobs bundled together, along with a place to stay, company transport and health insurance. Good package, huh? Check out what EU-Flex has to offer!

  • How can I contact Tempo-Team?

    Easy! Check out all of our offices and contact details. Our colleagues will help you to the best of their ability in English. Did you find an offer that caught your eye? Sweet! Then you can contact your recruiter directly. Their contact details are listed below the vacancy details.

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