Perspectiefverklaring: this is how you get it!

With a perspectiefverklaring you as a flexworker can qualify for a mortgage. 

Surprised? No need to be. At Tempo-Team, we have developed the so-called 'perspectiefverklaring'. The way for a flexworker to qualify for a mortgage. And now you want to know how you can get a perspectiefverklaring. Read on and get ready to celebrate!

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What is a perspectiefverklaring? 

With a perspectiefverklaring we look at your future in the labor market. To receive a perspectiefverklaring not only your contract is taken into account, but also your prospects on the labor market. Based on your education, work experience, position, and skills. Okay, and now? Request the statement from Tempo-Team if you plan to buy a house within the next six months. And you know what's great? The mortgage provider treats your application just like someone with a permanent contract. 

The conditions in a nutshell

  • CHECK 1: When you start the application, you have been working for Tempo-Team for at least one year.
  • CHECK 2: Wait to buy a house until you actually have the perspectiefverklaring in your possession. This way, you avoid a hefty fine!
  • CHECK 3: The perspectiefverklaring is valid for six months after date of issue.

Note: More than half of the applicants for the perspectiefverklaring actually receive the statement from Tempo-Team. Even with a complete file, good references, and evaluations, the prospects on the labor market may still be disappointing. Keep this in mind!

12 frequently asked questions about the 'perspectiefverklaring'

  • 1. What is a perspectiefverklaring?

    Employees with a flexible employment contract often have difficulty qualifying for a mortgage. Banks are hesitant to grant them a mortgage because they cannot rely on the security provided by a permanent contract. The Randstad Group (Randstad, Tempo-Team, and Yacht) believes that it is important to consider an employee's perspective when providing a mortgage. In an increasingly flexible job market, it is important to evaluate someone based on their job prospects, mobility, and flexibility. From this, you can determine whether someone will be able to support themselves in the future and fulfill their mortgage obligations.

    Obtaining a mortgage for employees with a flexible employment contract is possible through a perspectiefverklaring. With a perspectiefverklaring, you can approach all mortgage advisors in the Netherlands. They will then investigate with you in the usual way which mortgage is feasible and responsible. Note that obtaining a perspectiefverklaring does not guarantee obtaining a mortgage. That decision lies entirely with the mortgage provider, and Tempo-Team cannot make any statements about it.

  • 2. What is in a perspectiefverklaring?

    The Tempo-Team perspectiefverklaring states that it can be reasonably expected that an employee, given their education, work experience, skills, job position, and labor market situation, will be able to obtain sustainable income from work at least at their current income level.

  • 3. How does the 'perspectiefverklaring' differ from the werkgeversverklaring en intentieverklaring?
    • The werkgeversverklaring provides information on the earned salary from the past year, on which the mortgage amount is based.
    • An intentieverklaring is the intention of an employer to offer an indefinite employment contract (a permanent contract).
    • With the Tempo-Team perspectiefverklaring, the focus is on the future. Based on the personal file, it is assessed whether it can be reasonably expected that you will be able to obtain sustainable income from work at least at your current income level.
  • 4. Does the perspectiefverklaring replace the werkgeversverklaring?

    No, it's important to know that the perspectiefverklaring is a supplement to the werkgeversverklaring. Your mortgage provider needs both of these statements. The werkgeversverklaring describes the current situation, including your income and the fact that it comes from a flexible employment relationship. The perspectiefverklaring is an addition to this, focused on your expected future income. With the perspectiefverklaring, Tempo-Team indicates that your current income is sufficiently stable to meet future mortgage obligations. With both statements together, you can apply for a mortgage with one of the affiliated mortgage providers.

  • 5. How long is the perspectiefverklaring valid?

    It is valid for 6 months after the date of issue. A condition for its use is that the employee is employed by Tempo-Team at the time of the mortgage application.

  • 6. Can I extend the perspectiefverklaring or request more than one time?

    No, it is not possible to extend the perspectiefverklaring. If you have not been able to buy a house after 6 months, you will need to request a new perspectiefverklaring.

  • 7. I haven't been working for Tempo-Team for 52 weeks yet. Can I still apply for a perspectiefverklaring?

    Unfortunately, that is not possible. We cannot make exceptions to the requirement of having worked for 52 weeks. This applies even if you have a one-year employment contract.

    If you’ve been working for one of the companies of the Randstad Group (Tempo-Team, Randstad, or Yacht) for a longer period, you may be eligible. We advise you to contact your Tempo-Team contact person in that case. He or she can inform you about the total number of weeks you have worked.

  • 8. I have worked for Tempo-Team for 52 weeks, but not consecutively. Can I apply for a perspectiefverklaring?

    It depends on the duration and nature of the interruption and varies on a case-by-case basis. The best course of action is to ask your contact person at Tempo-Team. They will be able to provide you with the answer to your question.

  • 9. Help! I have been working for the same client for 52 weeks, but not through Tempo-Team. Does this mean I am not eligible for a perspectiefverklaring?

    In some cases, we may include successive employer status in the calculation for the 52-week requirement. It is important that you have worked for 52 weeks through the previous staffing agency, and that the change of agency was unavoidable. Do you have any further questions about this? Or would you like more information? Please contact your Tempo-Team contact person.

  • 10. How does Tempo-Team handle my personal data?

    You can find information about this in our privacy statement.

  • 11. Is the Nationale Hyoptheek Garantie (NHG) applicable?

    Yes, the NHG is applicable to mortgages that are granted with a perspectiefverklaring, provided that the NHG conditions are met. If you are unable to pay off a mortgage with NHG due to unforeseen circumstances such as divorce, unemployment, a decrease in income, disability, or the death of your partner, you may be able to make use of the Nationale Hypotheek Garantie (NHG) in some cases.

  • 12. What is the Stichting Perspectiefverklaring?

    We work according to the standard as determined by the Stichting Perspectiefverklaring. For more information about the foundation's norms and other inquiries, please visit their website.