Jobs in Amsterdam

Amsterdam: the city of bikes, canals and plenty of jobs for you as a foreign dutchie🚴! Tempo-Team have plenty of English speaking jobs in Amsterdam, our beautiful capital. We are here to help you find the perfect job for you! Are you looking for a fulltime job in Amsterdam or are you looking for a side job next to your study? No problemo amigo, we have listed all the best jobs for you on this page! Here you can find our offer of English speaking jobs in Amsterdam!

The best jobs for English speakers in Amsterdam area

Are you looking for a job in Amsterdam? Then you are at the right place! At Tempo Team we have plenty of vacancies for English speaking foreigners in Amsterdam. And for sure there are some jobs that will fit you very well! To make sure you find the right jobs in Amsterdam we lined up all vacancies in Amsterdam based on our most valued clients! 

👉 Work at Albert Heijn Online Amsterdam

Working at AH online Amsterdam means you're working for the biggest grocery store in the Netherlands. A big company like AH online Amsterdam is always searching for new employees and that's why they are looking for you! Each day you will work with high quality products within great working conditions like salary and flexibility. Everyone needs their groceries, right? AH online offers vacancies for drivers, warehouse workers and order pickers. Check all available vacancies at AH online Amsterdam for you!

👉 Work at DHL Amsterdam

DHL is one of the biggest parcel delivery companies in the world! You probably already heard of them ;) If you work for DHL Amsterdam you work for one of the top employers in the Netherlands. It's not the first time they received an award for this and in addition DHL has 500.000 employees around the world, you can call them co-workers! The ambiance at DHL Amsterdam is amazing and having fun during your work is 100% guaranteed! Common English vacancies at DHL Amsterdam are courier/driver, Warehouse Worker and orderpicker! Interested in all English vacancies at DHL Amsterdam? Check all job offers at DHL!

Student jobs in Amsterdam

We do understand. Studying and living in Amsterdam at the same time costs you a lot of time and of course money. And that's why we want to help you to find the right job next to your study to earn some extra money! Keep in mind students that do not come from the EU can work a maximum of 18 hours a week. Do you want to know all information about working in the Netherlands as a foreign student? We figured out all relevant information on the Jobs in the Netherlands for English speakers page, so you don’t have to! Already have a work permit for the Netherlands? Amazing! Check all our student jobs in Amsterdam

Fulltime and part-time jobs in Amsterdam

Interested in a Full time or Partime job in Amsterdam? Don’t worry because we can help you with both. We understand that life isn't all about working 40 hours a week and that's why we at Tempo-Team facilitate both fulltime and part-time jobs in Amsterdam. Check our full time job offer in Amsterdam and part-time job offer in Amsterdam

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Frequently asked questions

  • What do I need to start working in the Netherlands?

    Want to work in the Netherlands? Sweet! We can't wait to have you. Before you get started, there are a few things that need to be taken care of. You'll need to make sure you have the right documentation and when you do, you'll need a citizen service number as well. Let us help you out on everything you need to know before you can work in the Netherlands.

  • Does Tempo-Team offer jobs with housing and insurance?

    Yes, we do offer jobs with accommodation! In fact, our EU-Flex department is specialized in guiding you through getting a seasonal job in the Netherlands. Aside from a place to stay, we'll also provide you with insurance and transportation. To apply, e-mail your CV to 

  • I applied for a job, what happens now?

    First, make sure you have uploaded your CV and motivation letter. When we receive your application we will contact you and have an initial interview on the phone. After that, we will invite you and make an appointment for a live or online interview. Are we both interested and you are still excited? Great, we are going to introduce you to the organization. The organization will contact you and make a new appointment for another interview. Both had a good feeling? the organization is going to make you an offer!

  • Do I need to speak Dutch to work at Tempo-Team?

    We have listed all job offers for non-English speaking applicants. So don’t worry you don’t have to speak Dutch to work at Tempo-Team!