Everything you need to start working in the Netherlands

Hey you, expat! Or expat-to-be ;-). Your browser history tells me that you’re looking for information about the legal aspects behind moving to the Netherlands and starting a life here. Or maybe just earn a few bucks in summer? Whatever your travel goal is, it’s good to be well-informed about what formalities you need to sort out in order to be able to work in the Netherlands. Tag along, we’ve got that sorted out for you!

On this page we’ll cover everything you need to know to start working in the Netherlands as a foreigner. Click the subject to quick-jump to a subject. Such as:

  1. A summary of everything you need to start working in the Netherlands
  2. Types of documents allowing you to work in the Netherlands
  3. How to acquire a Dutch citizen service number (burgerservicenummer)

What do I need to start working in the Netherlands?

Good question! It’s clear that you like to come prepared. In order to be able to work in the Netherlands as a foreigner, make sure you have the following sorted out beforehand:

  •  A valid ID

  • If you’re from outside the EEA or Switzerland, an additional visa or work    permit

  • A Dutch Citizen Service Number, also known as ‘burgerservicenummer’

  • A bank account number to receive your salary on

  • Health insurance, which is mandatory in the Netherlands

  • A place to stay and transportation

Types of documents allowing you to work in the Netherlands

Before you start packing your bags, you have to make sure that you have all the necessary documents that allow you to work in the Netherlands as a foreigner. Chances are that you can live and work in the Netherlands freely. Are you from outside Europe? Then make sure to check out what our government has to say about what permits foreigners need to work in the Netherlands.

Work as a EU & EEA citizen

Lucky you! If you’re an EEA or Swiss citizen, you don’t need any additional documentation to start your journey in the Netherlands. Yes! All you need to do is find a job offer that suits you well. Do you have your own accommodation in the Netherlands? Then you can start to scout our job offers for English speakers.

Work with a residence permit and work permit

Aren’t you one of those lucky travelers that doesn’t need a work permit? Bummer! But no worries. Since you’ll need to apply for a residence permit anyway, you can sort out your working permit right away. In some cases, a residence permit only is enough to be able to work in the Netherlands. For details on who needs a work permit and how to obtain one, check out our government's website.

Work in the Netherlands as an international student

Luckily, the Dutch government understands that being a student is challenging enough on its own. Therefore, as an international student from outside the EER don’t have to meet the same requirements as other expats. With a much simpler procedure, you’ll be able to get a job in the Netherlands as well! With this permit, you’re allowed to work a maximum of 16 hours weekly. Sweet! Check out how you can obtain this permit here.

Job offers for refugees in the Netherlands

With so much uncertainty in your life, finding a good and stable job will help you out a lot if you're in the Netherlands as a refugee and would like to pick up a job. Now, there are some legal aspects that have to be covered to see for which jobs you can apply. You'll find everything about working in the Netherlands as a refugee on this page.

How to acquire a Dutch citizen service number (BSN)

Your life in the Netherlands starts with a few digits: your BSN number. This number serves as your citizen service number and will allow you to get employed. Health care professionals and other authorities will identify you by this number. It will also come in handy when doing your taxes! Wanna know more? You need to know more! Read all about it and see how to get yours by visiting this page about BSN numbers for foreigners.


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Frequently asked questions

  • Can Tempo-Team help me to acquire a work permit?

    In some cases, yes! If all you need is a simplified work permit, some of our colleagues will have experience in coördinating this for you. If one of our offers catches your eye, make sure to give us a ring to ask for the possibilities!

  • Can Tempo-Team help me acquire a visa?

    While we sure can work some magic on getting you a good job in the Netherlands, we aren’t as skilled at issuing such procedures. Therefore, Tempo-Team can not help you acquire a visa. Do you have yours already? Make sure to let us know so we can start to search for your new dream job!

  • Does Tempo-Team offer jobs for international students?

    Yes, we do! Jobs in food, hospitality, logistics or manufacturing are really popular amongst students from all over the world. Check out our English-speaking job offers and simply filter for what interests you.

  • Do I need a Dutch bank account number to work for Tempo-Team

    Nope! You can simply use your own. Please note that if you have a foreign account, your pay may sometimes arrive a bit delayed. Also, your bank may charge you an extra fee for this foreign transfer. Consider opening a Dutch account as well to simplify your stay!