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If we had to describe Eindhoven in three words, we would say innovation, creativity and technology! No wonder why you are looking for a job in Eindhoven the fifth biggest city in the Netherlands😄 We at Tempo-Team have cooperated for over years with big companies in Eindhoven the City of Light💡! We make sure we provide some great English vacancies at the best companies for you. The only thing you have to do is apply and have fun at your work! Interested in a job in Eindhoven? Don’t wait and check all vacancies in Eindhoven! 

The best jobs for English speakers in Eindhoven area

At Tempo Team we provide the vacancies that will fit you well! How? We offer you all our English speaking jobs in Eindhoven based on your needs and values! The only thing you have to do is apply for them. Sounds easy right! Well it is :D To make sure you find the right job in Eindhoven we have listed a few of our amazing companies with great working conditions and of course a lot of fun during work! We present to you:

👉 Work at UPS Eindhoven

United Parcel Service. We know. It sounds familiar, right?! And I bet you already know them! It is the biggest parcel delivery in the World. And guess what? They have plenty of English speaking jobs in Eindhoven! But UPS is more than just a big parcel deliverer. At UPS they take care of you in multiple good ways. They know life isn’t just about work, so you can be very flexible with your availability and they also care about growth opportunities. So are you very good at what you're doing? Then UPS will think with you about the next step in your career! Here you can check all the UPS jobs in Eindhoven.

👉 Work at Lekkerland Eindhoven

Working for Lekkerland Eindhoven means working for an employer that takes care of you! Lekkerland is the expert for tailor-made concepts and solutions in the convenience sector and offers what consumers want in a convenience shop. At Lekkerland Eindhoven everyone is appreciated and there is a relaxed working atmosphere! In addition, Lekkerland Eindhoven also has a beautiful company canteen where you can buy delicious sandwiches, meals and drinks for a low price! Besides that, Lekkerland Eindhoven offers great career opportunities and you will have a chance to get a permanent contract with Lekkerland! Interested in working at Lekkerland Eindhoven? They offer jobs as a warehouse worker and order picker. Check out all the English speaking job vacancies!

👉 Work at Albert Heijn Online in Eindhoven

AH online Eindhoven? Yes we are talking about Albert Heijn, the biggest grocery store in the Netherlands ofcourse! People need their grocery’s that's for sure and that's why AH online eindhoven is looking for someone like you! You can be part of their distribution process, because AH online Eindhoven offers multiple English speaking jobs at their distribution center in Eindhoven. AH online creates a great working environment with a lot of fun dureing work, flexibility and great benefits like salary! Are you looking for a job as a logistic employee, warehouse worker or production worker? Then you are at the right place! We have all their English speaking vacancies bundled!

Student jobs in Eindhoven

So you are a foreign student in Eindhoven and you are looking for a suitable job in Eindhoven? We are here to help you! We know life is expensive and you want to earn some extra money. There is one thing you keep in mind, because people from outside the EU can work a maximum of 18 hours a week as a foreign student in Eindhoven. We have gathered all information for you about jobs in the Netherlands for English speakers! Here you can check if you have all documents to work in Eindhoven. Interested in what kind of jobs we offer? Check all student jobs in Eindhoven!

Fulltime and part-time jobs in Eindhoven

At Tempo-Team we want you to find the perfect job that fits the best in your lifestyle. Not everyone is looking for a full time job in Eindhoven and that’s why we also offer a lot of great part-time jobs in Eindhoven! Interested in our job offer. Check out our full time jobs and part-time jobs in Eindhoven!

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Frequently asked questions

  • What do I need to start working in the Netherlands?

    Want to work in the Netherlands? Sweet! We can't wait to have you. Before you get started, there are a few things that need to be taken care of. You'll need to make sure you have the right documentation and when you do, you'll need a citizen service number as well. Let us help you out on everything you need to know before you can work in the Netherlands.

  • Does Tempo-Team offer jobs with housing and insurance?

    Yes, we do offer jobs with accommodation! In fact, our EU-Flex department is specialized in guiding you through getting a seasonal job in the Netherlands. Aside from a place to stay, we'll also provide you with insurance and transportation. To apply, e-mail your CV to 

  • I applied for a job, what happens now?

    First, make sure you have uploaded your CV and motivation letter. When we receive your application we will contact you and have an initial interview on the phone. After that, we will invite you and make an appointment for a live or online interview. Are we both interested and you are still excited? Great, we are going to introduce you to the organization. The organization will contact you and make a new appointment for another interview. Both had a good feeling? the organization is going to make you an offer!

  • Do I need to speak Dutch to work at Tempo-Team?

    We have listed all job offers for non-English speaking applicants. So don’t worry you don’t have to speak Dutch to work at Tempo-Team!