Jobs in Rotterdam

Welcome to Rotterdam, one of the biggest cities in the Netherlands. Rotterdam is world famous for her big harbor. We, at Tempo Team, have plenty of English speaking jobs in Rotterdam. Plenty of fish in the harbor, you might say😉. You can work full time in Rotterdam. But there are also lots of options for part time work. And we are here to help you find them! We have listed all the English speaking jobs in Rotterdam on this page. Take a look!

The best jobs for English speakers in Rotterdam area

We have plenty of jobs for English speakers in Rotterdam. Jobs that make your day fly by, and that make you excited for tomorrow. Employers that take care of you and co-workers that make your job fun. We listed a few companies below so you dive in and check them out.

👉 Work at Royal FloraHolland in Rotterdam area

What is Holland known for? That's right! Flowers. And do you know how many flowers are being sold per minute at Royal FloraHolland? 200.000. Wow! I know, that is a lot. This would not be possible without all the amazing order pickers and warehouse workers. And they have it figured out! The party committee, great fitness program and multiple training opportunities are all in place to make their job the best. And you could be one of them! 

👉Work at Ingram Micro in Rotterdam area

Everyone knows Zalando. The big online fashion store. But not everyone knows Ingram Micro. Zalando uses their warehouse to arrange everything and send packages to the right customers. That warehouse is the size of 19 football fields! So put on those sneakers and come and work as an order picker for Ingram Micro. You will be part of a close knit team of colleagues from all over the world. They can't wait to meet you! 

👉Work at Borgesius in Rotterdam

Let’s get this bread! That's what Borgesius does. Literally. Borgesius is the biggest bakery in the Netherlands. They supply bread and other baked goods, like cakes, to supermarkets. This way every person in the Netherlands can enjoy their cheese sandwich for breakfast every day. You can work at Borgesius as a production employee. You will assist in the production process of the baked goods. And the best part, you can get bread at a discounted price! 

Student jobs in Rotterdam

DPD, only three letters, but al biiiig company. DPD delivers packages, as you might know. Chances are that DPD has also delivered a package at your home! As a warehouse worker you ensure that all packages are delivered to the customer on time. Of course you don’t have to do this by yourself, you will work in a team! At DPD You can work fulltime or partime. The part time jobs are perfect for students. Check out all student jobs in Rotterdam area!


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Frequently asked questions

  • What do I need to start working in the Netherlands?

    Want to work in the Netherlands? Sweet! We can't wait to have you. Before you get started, there are a few things that need to be taken care of. You'll need to make sure you have the right documentation and when you do, you'll need a citizen service number as well. Let us help you out on everything you need to know before you can work in the Netherlands.

  • Does Tempo-Team offer jobs with housing and insurance?

    Yes, we do offer jobs with accommodation! In fact, our EU-Flex department is specialized in guiding you through getting a seasonal job in the Netherlands. Aside from a place to stay, we'll also provide you with insurance and transportation. To apply, e-mail your CV to 

  • I applied for a job, what happens now?

    First, make sure you have uploaded your CV and motivation letter. When we receive your application we will contact you and have an initial interview on the phone. After that, we will invite you and make an appointment for a live or online interview. Are we both interested and you are still excited? Great, we are going to introduce you to the organization. The organization will contact you and make a new appointment for another interview. Both had a good feeling? the organization is going to make you an offer!

  • Do I need to speak Dutch to work at Tempo-Team?

    We have listed all job offers for non-English speaking applicants. So don’t worry you don’t have to speak Dutch to work at Tempo-Team!