Register for work via a friend (m/w/x)

Great that you've been tipped by a friend (m/w/x) to come work for Tempo-Team! We offer a wide variety of jobs throughout the country. Via Tempo-Team you can work for the same company as your friend or somewhere else. The choice is yours 😉

This is how it works

  1. Fill in your contact details in the form at the bottom of this page.
  2. Fill in the name of your friend that already works for Tempo-Team.
  3. Filled in the complete form? Let's send it 📩.
  4. Check! We'll contact you.
  5. Don't have a Tempo-Team account yet? No problem! You can create one easily. You'll need an account for multiple of reasons. For example, we can pay your salary once you start working.

Fill in the form

Are you THE friend (m/w/x)? Then this information is for you

It is important to know that your employer determines the precise conditions of a referral. Before you refer someone, first contact your Tempo-Team contact person. He or she will discuss the options with your employer.

To collect the €150,- net reward:

  • Your friend that's been hired must be employed for at least 4 weeks *
  • You must be working at Tempo-Team at the moment that your reward is to be transferred.


  • To avoid disappointment: check if your friend meets the requirements for the position (you can check this in the written job offer that's on the website or ask your Tempo-Team contact).
  • Discuss with your friend if they're interested in the open position that you spotted for them.
  • Next, forward the form so your friend can fill it in. In the form, make sure your friend lists you as the friend that gave them the tip for this job. That way we'll know who to transfer the bonus to! 🤑
  • Yeah! Your friend is hired! When your friend has reached the minimum of 4 weeks of working for their new employer, you'll get your bonus Kaching! You'll receive an email with a confirmation once the bonus is headed your way.*

*Please note: your employer may have different conditions.

Please make sure to keep in mind:

  • If your friend has already applied for the job and is in the application process, you are not eligible for this bonus.
  • If your tipped friend already worked for Tempo-Team in the past 6 months, we will not pay out a bonus if they get re-hired.
  • Finally; if you stop working at Tempo-Team in the period of time that you tip someone for a Tempo-Team job, we unfortunately are unable to pay you the bonus.

Register for work via a friend.

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